Tangled in 3d

I finally watched Tangled in 3d, by far the best use of 3d animation technology ever. If you haven’t watched it–watch it!

The last time a cartoon made me want to believe in love and all that it entails was Beauty and the Beast. From then til now, I’m not really sure what cartoon/animation things I’ve been watching.

Well, Toy Story 3 made me cry heaps, but that’s because I’m an emotional mess that can’t quite deal with goodbye and moving on. I miss my dad, i’ve got issues. Yeah… the usual.

Tangled, i think, touched that little princess wanting her prince kinda of a thing/itch in me, which i’ve been trying to drown now for some years with surfing, and other fun activities…hehe.

There is a question if someone out there is meant for you, or not, or never or maybe. In the real world, it’s getting tiring. There you go. This is the start of the complete breakdown of believing in true love. But do not worry—it will quickly be followed by  the inherent wish of being proven wrong. Camown universe, do it! Do it now! And the mad cycle continues.

Oh the hell with it. Tangled was good.

Happy Advanced Valentines day! haha!


**I apologize for this post. Just watched Fight Club, and I’m left with this need to drown myself in self-reflection. Time to watch some Sleeping Beauty. Now that’s a plan!


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