Why I don’t think I’m doing a 10km anytime soon

It took Kassy 3 years to get me to run..well..that and getting a surfing injury that I had to let heal out of the water for a month. And me feeling very antsy. (and I hate feeling antsy).

I felt antsy during my last run—a 10km. I dunno why that after 5km everything seems just like such a chore. Haha! Long distance runner— i am not. haha!

Self-dialogue at the last 3km included stuff like.. (and yes, that picture of me is terrible, running with my mouth open.. tsk)

“can i dnf?!!?”
“what the hell am I doing?”
“kaya ko to.. 3km nalang!!”
“will this effing flyover end?”

“ayoko na!”

“ang bagal ko..”
“bakit ko ba ginagawa ito?”
“why did I pick a JLO song??”
“stop being a wussy joko!!! run your ass out”

Running is prolly the best way to zone out and concentrate on the moment. Well, that and surfing a wave. Damn, I like sports that make me zone out and not think. Hmm.. which tells me what? We better not get into that. haha!

So back to running.
I don’t think I’m doing a 10km soon. Why?

Number 1:
Let me see, I’ve been a very bad girl. I didn’t train for that 10km. Well, i’ve been training but that’s for surfing. The last time I ran on a road was last November for a 3km in the Adobo run. Surprisingly, my body’s pretty used to getting beat up nowadays(WAHAHA!) so I recovered semi-quickly. TY Jesus! We’re not running a 10km soon, because I love my knees.

Number 2:
I don’t think I can beat my current PB of 1h:22mins anytime soon so what’s the point? (yes, i’m stupid like that.. sorry!)

Number 3:
I want to push myself in speedwork. I want to go back to doing 5kms and 3kms and achieve that sub 30 thing for 5km. I think I can if I put my mind into it.

Number 4:
I want to do a 10km that I won’t be thinking “I’m gonna die” at the 8th km.

I somehow semi-love it that my current PB time came from this last run,  Condura Skyway Marathon, because unlike most people who loved running the skyway–I was all like– let’s get this over and move out of the way! haha! In retrospect, I should have totally enjoyed the race more.

Hey! which gives us…

Number 5:
Because I do not enjoy it.

So from 1-5 reasons why there’s not going to be  a 10km anytime soon in my life. Although surprisingly, I did much better than expected in the last run, mainly because I reached in there and pulled something out inspite of really bad allergies caused by whatever it was that caused me to break out in rashes the night before (insert: i want to thank Claritin for your amazing results—the hefty pricetag is worthit.) and because of surfing wherein I’ve learned the wonderful concept of “working through the pain”. =)

Which somehow is semi-appropriate during this Valentine’s day.

But remember kids, it is one thing to work through the pain, and it’s another to wallow in it.

And I am not a wallower. =)
No to 10km runs anytime soon, yes to speedwork, and being awesome! 🙂 And I will need some major help. haha!

Knowing me, I’m going to be bored after a month, and I’ll sign up for that Edsa run. Haha!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S EVERYONE!!! 🙂 Here’s Glee’s version of Sir Paul McCartney’s Silly Love Songs, to get us all in a happy mood! 🙂


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