Beauty and the Beast and the 31 Causes of Failure

For most of my life, I’ve scoffed at reading so called self-help books for the sole reason that in my head—I didn’t need them. Not saying that now that I’ve embraced reading some of them that I don’t and not saying I do. But let’s just say in my experience, experimenting on some self-help books especially on relationships (sabay face palm) garnered less than savory results, of which will be discussed in the semi-near future when I’m writing my blog inebriated, alone.. and lonely. wahahahaha! 😛

This blog post however starts to be written about the 31 Causes of Failure. A few years back, I was in a semi full on Napoleon Hill mode having gotten into my hands his book– Think and Grow Rich. This book has been around ages, and its principles still remain true today.

This was such a Hallelujah! book to me. There is nothing like reading some sorta explanation why you fail or failed and why you succeed or what you need to do to succeed. I call it a bad case of self-validation. Call it needing it at the time. But it got me out of a really sticky situation. So I’m a believer! =)

The reason for this post is that I’ve been feeling very un-passionate about my goals these past few months, which is not good. From experience, the best motivation for me is to get pissed at something/someone, then proceed to dominate and annihilate. My killer instincts have mellowed. Age? Surfing? Because I’m happy? I dunno why. Hunger=gone.

But I know that I relish making money. Eff it, you know what? I kinda want to break out into the opening song in Beauty and the Beast. Damn, I can relate to Belle. There must be more than this provincial life.

But what is this? Do they call this the nearly-30s crisis???! sorta like the quarter life crisis?

Help?! I hate feeling antsy!! grr.

I think I’m going to re-read Think and Grow Rich this year AND watch Beauty and the Beast.

From said book, I leave you with the 31 Causes of Failure. Count how many you’re guilty of and think. I’ll put ** on stuff that I think i’m guilty of  for more self-awareness crap.

1. Unfavorable hereditary background – sinto sinto ka..
2. Lack of a well defined purpose in life
3. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity
4. Inefficient education
5. Lack of self-discipline **
6. Ill Health
7. Unfavorable environmental influences during childhood
8. Procrastination **
9. Lack of persistence
10. Negative Personality
11. Lack of controlled sexual urge (allegedly, it gets in the way.. hence Hayden Kho)
12. Uncontrolled desire for “something for nothing.”
13. Lack of a well-defined power of decision
14. One of more of the six basic fears  (death, old age, loss of love, ill health, criticism, poverty) **
15. Wrong selection of a mate in marriage
16. Over-caution **
17. Wrong selection of associates in business
18. Superstition and prejudice
19. Wrong selection of a vocation
20. Lack of concentration of effort **
21. The habit of indiscriminate spending
22. Lack of enthusiasm **
23. Intolerance
24. Intemperance
25. Inability to cooperate with others
26. Possession of power that was not acquired through self effort.
27. Intentional dishonesty
28. Egotism and vanity.
29. Guessing instead of thinking.
30. Lack of capital
31. Name your reason **

And from Beauty and the Beast, I leave you Belle’s song.

So I think, I gotta get off my butt.



5 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast and the 31 Causes of Failure

  1. Great post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more
    on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Bless you!

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