Sagada Oranges

Someone recently came from Baguio and gave me a giant Sagada Orange for pasalubong (with coffee, but that deserves another post)to him a very big muchos gracias! And I’m posting this today, because I woke up this morning with a hankering to have some. =(

In his words, it is the size of a baby’s head. Sagada Oranges are humongous, sweet and juicy. It’s easily peeled, and has small/no seeds really. The flesh is nice and pulpy. And the juice is very sweet. To juice it would give you the perfect OJ without the added sugar.

And alas, looks like they can only be found in the Baguio Market. So if you’re ever in that area, PLEASE buy me some (even if they are really big and bulky) and I will gladly pay for them, OR if you are one of my kind and extremely good-looking friends that will give it to the bunny for free as pasalubong—I would be most grateful. =)

So from Baguio and thereabouts, Sagada Oranges are now my pasalubong of choice. And I think I like it better than GS Ube, and choco flakes. And let’s support our local farmers! Di ba? This comes close to almost artisanal fruit to me, or maybe it is already. hmm.

Although, i do wonder if it is a genetically enhanced fruit. Gah, i need more information on this. We need to get to Baguio and do a little research! hehe!

Who’s with me?


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