Bunny run #2: Inquirer Run 2011 – 5km

First of all, Kassy and I didn’t read the stuff in the race pack and we ended up in Mckinley instead of going to BHS. Yes, stupid. I know.

So when we got there, the 5km race already started, and we ended up running without any stretching or warm-up or whatever. NEVER DO THAT! Also, my nike plus watch wasn’t syncing to my shoe. So no pacing for me. I could only rely on the time. Pfft. And the race had no markers for 5km, so… good luck.

So what did I do? I took the first 2km really easy. It felt weird to be at the end of the pack though, also liberating. So when i approximated 2kms, i geared it up a little and ended up finishing at least sub 35. =)

I wanted to achieve a PB/PR for this 5km race—my first for the year, and I guess, I did?


Distance: 5km

TIME: 34:06 for 5km,

pace time was 6:49/km.

Running Music: All the albums of the Bravery, on shuffle


I really should have taken the time to stretch out, my left calf started cramping at the last stretch, and i was just totally just trying to mellow my way out of the cramp. Stretched the hell out of my calf after the race finished, but still this wouldn’t have been a problem if I stretched BEFORE. =( Lesson of the story is to always look at the race maps and the gun times. tsk tsk tsk.

Race results for the inquirer run here: http://www.itemhound.com/results

Photos for the run : http://www.activemoments.net/index.php/Inquirer-Run-2011-Photos

I’m going to start reading these:




My next run will be in 2 weeks, so I’m hoping to get better by then! Focus Joko! Focus!!!!

Oh and I found a picture of myself running the inquirer run.. my fists are clenched and i’m looking serene. haha!– NOT!

Nah, I was tired!  and yes, my left calf started to cramp up actually at this time, if I remember correctly. yaiks!


**also muchos gracias to http://runaholic.wordpress.com for the free 5km race kit! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bunny run #2: Inquirer Run 2011 – 5km

  1. Good job on the 5k! You completed it without the watch.. I had the same thing happen to me with my Garmin half way through a half and was a little frustrated at first…


  2. Hey there bunny, I didn’t know you also do blog. Great thanks for dropping by at my blog. You running for Globe run for home? Isn’t that your first official race? 🙂

    • just started! 🙂 i used to food blog but didn’t take it seriously.. well, i’m not really sure if i’m taking it easy this time around, but I’m enjoying it so far.
      I want to run globe, when is that? di ba pasaway na blogger? haha!
      and yes! that was my first official race and that’s where I met you! naks!

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