X-mini Speaker(s)

Due to my recent troubles with my laptop soundcard, which I still don’t want to reformat because I half-think it will get back to its normal working state.. and yes, I believe in unicorns… AND my missing Beats by Dr. Dre earphones, which I hope will turn up tomorrow.. and yes, I also believe in Santa Claus… I had to almost semi-impulsively buy this baby.

First time I heard of  and seen X-minis were when my friend Carla brought them to La Union in a surftrip. So far, i’ve been loving it. Sound quality is nice for the small thing that it is. You can hear the bass notes, but of course, don’t expect sub-woofer quality– it’s only about 2 inches high and about one inch and a half across. Oh and folds down into a smaller capsule to about an inch high ++.  It’s really loud for a tiny speaker… and it only cost me P999 in Mobile 1. It recharges via USB with 6 months warranty. All in all, I am a happy bunny that can finally hear her music.

So if you’re looking for an elcheapo speaker that looks nice (yes, i’m biased.. i like red but also comes in other colors methinks… )  and sounds nice and loud, and also kinda transforms into this little capsule thing that you can bring everywhere (hello surftrips!) the X-mini is for you.

Mobile 1 stores I know of are in Rockwell Powerplant and in Park Square 1.


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