to date or not to date a girl who reads?

Before you go further, read this:

and read this:

Many times, I’ve often bewailed the fact that growing up all i’ve read are those tomes on swashbuckling pirates, lords, those dashing doctors, or millionaire types meeting the love of their lives and finding true love. Their heroines are usually women who are outspoken, interesting, and different–women who have character. And yes, as a girl who reads, I’ve non-intentionally patterned myself to these kinds of women. I can’t really say it has worked for me, but there was this one time that I’ve tried settling and to say that didn’t work out– would be a massive understatement. Well, back to the question.

To date or not to date a girl who reads?

Enzo told us girls yesterday that girls who read EXPECT more. The girl who reads will not stand for bullshit. The girl who reads will pine for you and care for you, but will know when it’s time to go. (and will prolly try to leave faster than the normal girl too.) A girl who reads will want to be held when she’s sad or upset. She will want her mind to be engaged when she talks to you. She will want you to tell her she’s the most beautiful girl in the world even when she knows she’s not. She will want your attention. She will insist on it. She will not expect you to be perfect, but she will expect you to tell her the truth. She will want you to be there for her, for better or for worse, because you said so.

If she expects a lot, I also think that the girl who reads can GIVE more. The girl who reads can spark your interest. A girl who reads will work harder at understanding the words coming out of your mouth. She will probably care more about that than about how you look or how much you make. A girl who reads will be there for you. She will get annoyed at your thoughtless words because she listens to you. She will laugh at your jokes. She will make you laugh. She will make you cry. She will probably also cry when you’re crying too. She will hold your hand when you feel lost. She will do her best to make you the happiest man alive. The girl who reads will stay with you if she tells you she loves you. She will read to your children. She will grow with you and hug you when both your bones are frail. A girl who reads will be ever loyal because she believes and wants her happy ending with you.

To date or not to date a girl who reads?


The question has always been whether she would date you.

**also, image is Iya Santos of And yes, she reads.


10 thoughts on “to date or not to date a girl who reads?

  1. Haha! The last line really went for the kill! Great job, baby bunny! Keep on reading, and pwede mo din ipambato yung libro sa ulo ng mga kokontra. :p

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