New York Pizza Palace: Live Blogging

I’m having this today at the New York Pizza Place. And since I’m reading Blink, I decided to do a little live blogging today c/o BB WordPress.

Blink review:

Interiors: very modern; For the regular pedestrian–the manong-kuya, they would be a little scared, but I don’t think that’s their market anyway so it’s not a problem. The scrolling lights are fun, because you know i’m the type that likes blinking things that move. Wahahaha!

Service: Upon entering, I had to wait a while at the pizza area before someone tried to ask me what my order was. I’m not sure if that was because they literally I think just opened a few minutes before I came in or what….but yeah, after that, everything was peachy.

Food: If I was with someone else, I would have ordered more. I ended up trying the Suppli (mini rice balls) and the shrimp-garlic pizza (which they told me was their best-seller).

Shrimp Garlic Pizza: The pizza is tasty and tangy. It’s a BIG slice (think sbarro) with a few pieces of shrimp, a nice white sauce and big chunks of roasted garlic which I like! All in all, it’s good. But I wish I could get pizza that I could eat folded up, you know… New york style. . But maybe the Phils ain’t ready for that. (addtl info: my friend arrived and told me the pizza in NY PP tasted like Pizza from NYC, i haven’t been to NYC and my friend has, so an additional thumbs up for this place then!)

Suppli (mini rice balls) : I’ve been a fan of arancinis since I saw Mario Batali make some a while back, and I made some during italian day in culinary school–so understand my happy excitement when I saw this in their menu. They told me mozza sticks and something else was their bestselling appetizers, but yeah… rice balls! It came to my table piping hot with tomato sauce/dipping sauce. Although, if I was making this I would have added more cheese to the inside of the ball + possibly some prosciutto and peas.. it was still good! 🙂 The risotto inside was tasty and complimented the sauce. I now have a place to go to when I want this! Yay! Actually, I finished the balls faster than the pizza. 🙂

Also, I would have to add that the tomato sauce is nice and tangy with a hint of sweetness—just a tad, mind you.

Prices: 120 for the Suppli, 195 for the pizza

Conclusion: It’s like Sbarro on steroids. It’s a little bit fancier, more modern and as I look at the menu– a place with more choices. But since it’s my first time and I ordered only a few items, I can’t really totally decide, but I shall eat here again definitely.

So far that’s it, I’m going to wait for my friend to arrive for our meeting. I’m going to finish my lunch and scrounge for dessert. Oh dear lord!!! They have cannoli!!! 🙂

Update about the Cannoli : Cannoli shell + whipped cream + chocolate. I was a little disappointed about the shell as it wasn’t crispy. And I was under the expectation that there would be nuts. Haha! But i guess, I forgot that this was a semi-fastfood kinda place. Obviously, the shell was made before hand and placed in a refrigerator, maybe they should stop doing that. Just an idea. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with whipped cream and chocolate. But yeah, i know lotsa friends who ask me where they can get a Cannoli in the PI, I have a place to answer now. But fix the shell! 🙂 please?

New York Pizza Place is found at the g/f of the A.Venue Mall, Makati Ave., cor Gen. Luna st.


4 thoughts on “New York Pizza Palace: Live Blogging

  1. Joko, this has got to be the first place in the Metro where they serve cannolli. Badtrip lang, based on your review, hindi masarap. Did you take some espresso with it?

    Do they have some wine to go with the pizza?

    • they offered me coffee but I had a meeting after and I knew I wanted tea.. so nope. The Cannoli’s okay lang, but it could be waaaay as in loaaads better.
      didn’t check re: the wine.

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