Senior Year: let’s work as a teamwork!

Vlad and I talked about this movie after seeing a movie poster somewhere sometime last week. He texted that the film was still showing in Glorietta (and Trinoma) until March 19  until today–March 20, so we invited peeps and made plans to see it.

All I knew about the film was:

  • I knew that one of Kassy’s friends directed it, as she was promoting it in facebook
  • Vlad approved, so it must be good! 🙂
  • it’s about highschool
  • and we had no idea who was in it.
We went out of the theater smiling.
If you want to remember how it feels to be in highschool, find a way to watch this movie.**
Trailer’s below:
There is something to be said about movies that make you think, and even more of movies that bring back forgotten memories and take you back to a certain time in your life.
They are movies that are worth watching. =)
Oh, and the OST’s pretty kick-ass too. The song, Pagbigyan makes me want to alternately tear my hair out and sing along.  [Song is by Johnoy Danao, you can listen here:]
**We managed to watch the last screening of this movie. Here’s hoping it gets shown in Cinema One or it gets another screening again.
Sidenote: I’ll also note that the actors in this movie, all of  the kids were mostly first timers. Good acting chops kids! 🙂

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