Fast Five

I’ve watched this movie twice already! 🙂

Shout-outs :

  • Thank you to Teleserv for the Advance Screening last May 4 in Gateway, Cubao, and the awesome freebies including a jacket and tumbler. Thank you Kassy for the invite.
  • And thank you to my friends for watching it again with me last weekend. Thank you to those who’ve never watched a Fast and the Furious movie before but still watched it. I’m sure you were kinda.. what/bored??! but I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

And I really don’t want to review the movie, per se. What is there to review? It’s an action film about hot cars, funny/hot men and women, and kicking ass. As someone put it, it’s not Ulysees, but enjoyable.


Fast Five Things Why I Likey This Movie:

1) Funny punchlines

It’s not a comedy but almost all of the characters made me laugh. haha! Or mababaw lang talga ako. 🙂

2) Han

I love Han. 🙂 Who is he?  He’s this handsome fellow below.

He dies in Tokyo Drift, but Fast Five is a prequel to Tokyo Drift, hence he’s alive– capisce?

3) Latinas Girls Rock

The whole movie only had Latinas had Latinas and an Israeli (Gisele Harabo). All the girls were hot.. and strong! Let’s face it, they carried their weight. Haha! “Latina” and one of the boys.. sounds familiar? haha!

Oh and Fast Five Latina Hairflip for the win! 🙂 **

4) Fight Scenes

The movie was action-filled from start to finish! Seriously. I’ve never been so happy to be a boy before.* Haha! 🙂  My favorite scene in the movie was when Vin Diesel and the Rock go head to head. Wrestling!

5) it’s like Ocean’s 11— only a lot younger.. and street. 🙂

I enjoyed the movie. I liked the plot twists and turns and whatnot. Someone commented that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s acting chops were very shallow at best. I agree, still doesn’t detract from how great an action movie this is. 🙂

Goodness, I’m such a boy.* haha! 🙂

To end this, I give you  “How We Roll” by Don Omar off the really nice Fast Five OST.

*I’m not a boy, but I do enjoy very boyish things like cars, action films, toys, etc etc.

**I kinda coined this term because of Gisele’s entrance in the movie. haha! 🙂 I like doing this. Add this to the crazy stupid things I do for fun. CHECK!


3 thoughts on “Fast Five

  1. Spot-on review, our opinions matched up pretty closely on this one. Like most action flicks you just can’t take it too seriously. It was just plain (at times mindless) fun, the kind that’s great to see in the theater and perfect for a rental but I don’t think I’d buy it. I am interested in seeing it again though so I’m glad I have the Blockbuster Movie Pass. Blockbuster will have Fast Five (like they have many of their movies) 28 days earlier than Netflix or Redbox. Being an employee of DISH Network I also love telling people that they can get 12 months of Blockbuster Movie Pass free when they sign up for DISH.

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