Chockblock Weekend Part 1: Easy, Offbeat, Caveman

Intro note:

The weekend that was –was awesome! So chockblock of everything under the sun that I can’t discuss them all in one post. So we’re going to do this organized and in parts! 🙂


the Lucky Bunny strikes again!

I won! I won tickets to see Dragonette in Republiq courtesy of me posting a two-sentence entry in Dragonette’s facebook site on why I should see them. 🙂

Dragonette is an electropop group that I’ve loved since Miki made that mixtape for me a few years back and let me hear Fixin to Thrill. 🙂 So I was very excited! 🙂

What happened?

Surreal. Got to hear Fixin to Thrill and Hello. 🙂 AND managed to meet and hangout a little with the band! 🙂

So if you’ve never heard of Dragonette, please do click on the videos below and check them out!

*and thanks to my friend Gin for the company! 🙂


New Foodstuff at Offbeat Cafe

Originally, Saturday was supposed to be wavepool surfing day with Lorraine and Migui, but because of the unexpected luckiness of winning the Dragonette tickets my body couldn’t anymore– really. So instead I lounged around and tried to make a dent in reading Ilustrado (w/c is an awesome book btw) and tried to think of something to do before the play I was supposed to watch that night.

Jeeves suddenly had a hankering for Offbeat Cafe food, so we decided to have lunch at offbeat cafe at the Collective. Normally I would eat an Offbeat Burger but lo and behold—new stuff in the menu!

the offbeat club burger

Offbeat Club Burger Sandwich

—> Very filling for P200. Well, basically.. i think it’s a healthier alternative to the Offbeat burger. It’s got everything I like–wheat bread, veggies, bacon, cheese and yay! no egg!  So I’ll be having this instead of the Offbeat Burger, and I’m bringing a friend because I don’t think I can finish one sandwich alone.

Katsu-kimchi Burger

—> I actually don’t remember how much was this, but i know that it was cheaper that what I ordered. It’s a pork katsudon in between sourdough bread with kimchi, mayo and veggies. YUMM-O!!!

Well, the bread was a little too big for the katsudon, but after the initial bite, you’re all good because the kastudon was uber tasty. I love this sandwich. I’m not a big fan of kimchi but it had that weird-kimchi vibe without it being too out there. TRY IT!

Bacon Fries

—-> I remember tasting this for the first time and it was a lot crunchier. I dunno why the last two tries I had of this was a lot less crunchy and a lot more breading. The sauce was great though! But yeah–please make it crispier?

Offbeat Cafe is found at the Collective, Malugay St., Makati.


Defending the Caveman

I missed the first run of this one-man play so when the rerun was announced, we scouted around and we scored 50% off Orchestra Tickets courtesy of Ensogo—awesome!

I found the play funny and tongue in cheek dealing with how men and women think, feel, etc. You know the stuff we all want to know! haha!

The last weekend this is playing is this week, so do check out Joel Trinidad being an awesome modern caveman in Carlos P. Romula Auditorium at RCBC in Makati.

For tickets call 2150788 or 09175378313.


I had a race the next day so we had a quick dinner after Defending the Caveman. Fun day #1, ovah!


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