On trying things that scare you #1: Longboard (skateboard)

those Greek busts in my house have a new purpose. 🙂

After an experience a few years ago, I’ve always promised myself that I would try something that scares me at least once a year.

Last year, it was joining a competition. This year it was taking a trip by myself to an unknown place (hello Pagudpud!), and a new sports activity. I picked longboarding because 1) it would help my surfing, 2) a lot of my friends do it, and 3) i saw a video of a friend cross-stepping.. immediate envy!

So after literally procrastinating this for MONTHS, I want to thank Kwe Lo and Pedro for peer pressuring me to finally trying it out. Kwe for peer pressuring me into buying a helmet and shoes which translates to since-i-spent-money-for-this-i-should-do-this, and Pedro for teaching me the basics during our last trip in Daet.**

The first time I tried skateboarding was in Genevieve Zurbano’s house/street elementary/highschool (i forget) and I swear…I was on the skateboard…*one second* then I was looking at the sky. It was not a good experience and given my track record for injuries—skating really really really scared me for obvious reasons.

So I tried it.. and then I was just doing it. It was so weird. haha! I think the indoboard training paid off.. or the surfing, or I dunno all the praying for me not to wipe out (wahaha!). It just felt really nice and comfortable. I don’t think i’m doing this activity with any sort of skill but I love it!

As my FB status did say last night— I think I just fell in love.

I’m buying a board hopefully next week (sector 9 sidewinder or that Loaded Dervish?!? someone help?), and investing on a pair of pants (okay..I have pants.. but they haven’t been worn.. in almost 6 months and dapat yata skinny jeans.. good luck sa legs kong maskulado)  and maybe some gloves.

So we’re doing this! Ferr real! Surreal! 🙂

And in the essence of chronicling this experience, this moment totally made my night. As I was cruising along, someone shouted…

“Isang buwan lang yan— skate ka lang, magiging hot babe ka!”

Wahaha! Stuff that every girl wants to hear! So hindi pa ako hot babe? Okey.. tanggap! I found that hilarious! Wahaha! Saksakan ko talga ng babaw! 🙂  But it does make sense as after an hour of skating, I did feel like I just did an hour of Bikram Yoga. And yes, i am putting pressure on myself to achieve  hot babe status in a month (okay or more!!)! I wouldn’t want to make a liar out of whoever shouted that at me. 🙂

So with that in mind, I leave you with a clip of girls longboarding. And after that awesome wahine surftrip I had last weekend, i don’t think something like this will just be a far-off possibility.

** also thanking Toto from JNS for teaching me, Ayres, Lito, Yanna and Cayna for the spot, sandwiches, turo and water! 🙂 Lorraine for being awesome surf mommy (kahit magka-age lang tayo! haha!)

PS. It’s trying out things that scare you that make life worth living. It pushes you to your possibilities. Sabi nga ni Miguel Syjuco “All of life is a dream. To attain the impossible, we must attempt the absurd.”

Side Note: Also awesome music in this longboard video!!! someone tell me the songs!


5 thoughts on “On trying things that scare you #1: Longboard (skateboard)

  1. Research first! Join the Facebook page of Philippine Longboarding. It’s a good resource for anything/everything longboarding. Your other options are locally-made ones: Contach, Fluid Surf, District Tree, DWLE. I tried longboarding a month ago, got to borrow from a friend. Yep, it’s scary – coming from someone who doesn’t know how to surf and is used to riding on two wheels (aka bikes). Save a little more for a helmet! Seriously, it saves lives. I’m scrapping plans of getting a longboard because I don’t think it’s for me. Good luck and be safe! : )

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