Reebok Zigtech Fun Run – 5km Results

My first run after the debacle of the Intramuros run. I did better! yay! Still not sub 35 like before, but I’ll take it! I managed to stave about 4 minutes off the Intramuros time, and I can honestly say– i took it easy because I really didn’t want to dnf.

I need to practice road running again. I started the race strong, but totally hated the long uphill climb after 2.5km. I didn’t walk, but yeah, was super duper slow. Heat was crazy. I want to run trail again! Any trail runs coming soon?

Here are the results as per my my nike plus, and yes, I forgot to press the end run button. haha!

The plan was to be at least 7′ pace. Started with 6’12 at the first kilometer and totally slowed down after 2.5km. haha! wussy. The bunny is too slow. haha! So we train. =)

Here are the results as per Reebok’s Runningtime page:

37:07 for 5km. Hmm. Well beats being 40++. =) Little steps to improvement. Now to push ourselves.

The Plan :

Working out 2 times a week now, some plyo and some circuit weight training. My trainer’s pretty awesome. Maybe the rest, I can do runs, some skating and of course, surfing.

RE: the race

All in all good race management, we got texts a day before re: the change of time. During the race, there was enough water stations with cold water and 100plus. I had a kick crossing the finish line and seeing my friend’s logo — Kas Events. haha! 🙂 good job Kas! 🙂 I also really like the freebies after! I now have 2 Reebok Zigtech Caps, and I love caps! Oh and the results were available during the afternoon of the race! pretty awesome!

Still don’t know when or what would be my next run. Haha! but I seriously need to get back to sub 35.


Race Results here :


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