The Flirt and What I Wore


So I went to Bali and all the time I was there I was reading Clash of Kings. Yes, from the Song of Ice and Fire Series by George RR Martin. Then I read Wicked for the book discussion we’re having this month,  after that the plan was I would go back to the Seven Kingdoms, but this book, the Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro happened.

I remember buying this from Libreria Pilipinas, right most shelf, right corner, where all the “interesting” books are. You know my usual type of reading material before the book club. :)I picked it up and I finished it in roughly 6 hours.

Enihoodles, the plot is simple, it’s about a young handsome man joining a flirting agency. YEP. A flirting agency— “professional massagers of the female ego”.

The way each chapter changes in perspective was done quite seamlessly. The characters were relate-able. And yes, it does deal with some cliched things about love, with some parts of it I had to underline, haha! (sorry, i’m really corny like that) It tells of the story of people in relationships dealing with happiness, reality, married life, lack of focus, the dream of being in love, unrequited love, and being too good looking for your own good.

It’s an easy read. Guaranteed.

Oh, and it also gave me the best pick-up line ever. Well, not really a pick-up line but one of those things you stash in the “must use this sometime” pile you have at the back of your head. 😉

Here are some excerpts:

On making perfume for a man:

Nick cocked his head to one side. “This I will tell you for nothing: without exception it’s always too much sweetness that kills a good perfume. There should be space between the different notes; gaps that only imaginon can fill. And just like in life, young man, it’s the shit that adds depth. Now, to the real test.” He clapped his hands and a small King Charles spaniel came racing down the steps and into the room.

 “Chanel here is a female. The feminine sense of smell is the most refined. Now,” he picked her up, “if the dog bites you it’s a bad brew. But if she doesn’t, we’re really onto something.””

On Love NOT Conquering All:

“But what it does is throw us into the midst of life with the best intentions possible; give us courage, passion, hope; make wonderful fools of us–always pushing us to be more than we would normally be. More than any other experience love carves away at us, like great lumps of marble sculpted into works of art. That, I think, is what they mean by ‘love conquers all.’ It doesn’t transcend life. But gives it integrity, a noble aim, no matter what the result.”

On What a Woman Wants:

“..What do you think the most potent, erotic part of a woman is? … It’s the imagination, the imagination Hughie. If you can capture a woman’s imagination, then you will have her. But imagination is a strange creature. It needs time and distance to function properly.”

On Love:

“Romantic love is an illusion, Hughie. It can be manipulated, twisted, piled up like a bunch of fun-house mirrors. The very nature of it is deceptive. It promises closeness but the only thing it ever really reveals is the dreams and fears of the person with the obsession. That;s why it’s so easy to control.”

“Love is a mirror; a reflective surface projecting who we wish we were. What we’re waiting for is someone to come along who will show us something new about ourselves that we can adore. And then, because someone loves us, in turn, we love ourselves. Does that make sense?”

**Libreria Pilipinas is found at Cubao X.



I watched this play last Wednesday in RCBC with absolutely no idea what it was about. Someone did tell me— like the Vagina Monologues but a little bit like Sex and the City.

Let’s face it. The title gets you. If you’re a girl, you would know that sometimes it’s the things that you wore in certain occasions that you remember, not even really what happened.

For example, I remember the shirt I wore when I dressed up to go to my first date, or the shirt I wore when I was on my way to the funeral parlor because they told me my dad died.

Yes, things like those.

I love how the play dealt with so many things that women go through– the bra, the finding what to wear, the dressing room among others.

I was surprised at how much I laughed especially at Bituin Escalante’s parts. I need to learn that Latina accent–pronto! She managed to capture different personas it seemed— quite effortlessly.

Teresa Herrera also surprised me with giving heartfelt moments. “The Boots– i’m keeping the boots.”

Menchu Lauchengc0-Yulo’s performance during the last parts of the play touched me, as I could relate at a certain level. She’s always really awesome and I love watching her. I would have to add, almost the whole of the play I was looking at her arms.. They were gorgeous! I was jealous!

Cathy Azanza-Dy, I know i’ve watched before but I can’t quite place where was also great, her part about heels and thinking probably was one of my favorite things in the play. She discussed Birkenstock.. and I am quite enamored about Crocs and Crocs seems to be the new Birkenstock. haha! In the whole play, she was the most I could relate to.

The story was held together by Gingy played by Jay Valencia-Glorioso. I loved her artlessness when speaking, she reminded me a little of my grandmother, which I think was the point of her role. And yes, I did think about my grandmother when she was saying things about her grandchildren. So she was very effective! 🙂

All in all, the play was enjoyable and humorous. It’s a something that friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters should watch– to laugh, to remember.. and to bond. 🙂

**Love, Loss and What I Wore by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron runs from July 14 to 17 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, 4F RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave. corner Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. Tickets available via Ticketnet or call 891-9999. Or if you have en sogo deals.. i just saw some tickets on sale at 50%. 🙂

TY to Jeeves de Veyra for the invite.


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