Chockblock Weekend Part 3: A Quickie Binondo Foodtrip to Dong Bei Dumplings! :)

(This post is waaay overdue and i’m bored. So here it goes. Happy times.)

Binondo Funtrip Sidetrip

We did say that we wanted to go to Binondo to eat. We didn’t know where, but Mike suggested Dong Bei Dumplings. And having never eaten there before, I said– yeah! And I got my way, life’s good. =)

Dumplings were freshly made, hot and wonderful.Literally, we were seeing them made beside us.

I’m guessing this is the kutsay (chives) dumplings. The chives taste wasn’t very overpowering, which was good because having eaten my share of overly kutsay dumplings, this had just enough of the flavor but I could still taste the meat.

Fried Pork Dumplings. This was my least favorite dumpling. I’m thinking the kutsay dumplings would have been better fried and we should have had this steamed instead.

Kutsay pie or fried pancake. I liked this more than the steamed ones. There is something robust about the kutsay flavor, it holds up well with the fat and the frying of the wrapper. Maybe the “herby” taste of the chives compensates. 🙂 It works!

Vegetarian dumplings. It was a little wet.. too wet and kinda hard to eat with metal chopsticks. But for a vegetarian option, it was good.  May I also say that the dipping sauce they had was awesome, just the right sour-salty note. I wanted to take it home and ulamin siya with rice. =)

Joseph also had Handiwork Beef Noodles. He enjoyed this and finished the bowl, and yes– di methinks it was good? =)

The piece de resistance—the Xiao Long Bao which are basically pork dumplings with broth inside of them. Pretty hard to make, and usually done ala minute. I was ill prepared for the amount of broth inside this thing that I burned my tongue trying to hold all that broth in. There are helluva awful pictures of me almost in tears eating this but we’re not going to post that. haha! But even though, it’s still the tastiest Xiao Long Bao i’ve tasted and I’ve tried my share in various dimsum places in the Philippines. Next best would be the one that Harbour City serves in Cebu. Oh wait! And Lugang’s in Connecticut was also good! Note to self: get back there and eat Crab Congee.

So that was a lot of food for 4 people to eat, but we just came from running a race, walking around Intramuros,and not to mention visiting about 4 museums. All in all, I was super stuffed and the bill was just close to about 100++ each for all of us. So that was good, and worth the travel and the searching (since we got lost trying to find it for a minute lang naman).

Dong Bei Dumplings can be found in 642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva)
Binondo, Manila.

**I know we had dessert somewhere and Kassy and Trick joined us, but I can’t quite place where the hell we did. DEC? or Luk Yuen? Where the beejeezus did we have dessert?

Well, that’s it. I need more food adventures. Time to revive the food blogging and revive the FFG.

You dig? =)


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