Some surf, Some memories

Since it seems to be flat all over, I’m left here trying to re-arrange my weekend. Pfft.

I’ve also realized that I haven’t posted about surfing in a while but that’s because I’ve been out of the water for more than 3 weeks now. and i’m white. and i suck. and i’m dying. saaad faaaace! 😦

So eniwei, I’ve decided to blog about some of the videos my friends made of our semi-recent surftrips, and to finally blog about my Bali trip. 🙂

STOKED SUNDAY by Allen Aligam

This video was taken and made by Allen Aligam during July 11th in my homebreak in Real, Quezon. Features friends from PSA. 🙂 Also, the last time I surfed.*grumble*grumble*grumble*

Stoked Sunday! from Allen Aligam on Vimeo.

IN CLOUD NINE STATE by Peter James Villarta

This video was taken during our semi-recent surfing trip to Siargao Island. Cloud nine was itty bitty small for what it’s supposed to be and that’s the only reason I could surf it. But still awesome,  right?

The Bali Trip

I did recently take my first long trip in 2 years (for me anything beyond 2 days is a long trip) to the island of Bali in Indonesia. This trip was planned last year, but I was majorly unprepared for it. It all worked out though. Life is awesome.

Kuta Beach early in the morning

The best memory of that trip was when I was waiting for a wave (about 2 days into the trip) and I realized i was in BALI! and I didn’t have to think of work, or anything else–the water was cold, the beach was full of people, the sky was blue and cloudy (yay shade!), and there was a wave coming. =) BEST.FEELING.EVER.

Surfed a funboard when i should have gotten a longboard, getting ready to surf Canggu

the surfgroup that went to Canggu

Trying to get a right hander in Canggu =)

We stayed in Kuta for the whole trip but managed to take a quick daytrip sidetrip to Canggu, which totally rocked. To say the waves were really nice in that spot is an understatement.

I came home refreshed and very much rejuvenated. I really needed that trip. 🙂

Since I’ve been surfing, I can’t imagine going to a place that I can’t sneak in some wave/water-time. So sadly, I have not been to any trips but I have been making use of the free time that I have to  finish off some books in my TBR pile. I think i’m counting 20+ books+comic books from July to today. Not bad considering some of those books were doorstops, and I still have work and a semi-busy social life. 😉

That said, I’m going to watch a play tonight, and eat at Mercato. Tomorrow might be another play or a movie, maybe wavepool surfing on Sunday, but I know i’m supposed to be somewhere on Sunday night, but I’m terrible with dates.

Another weekend in the city, but all I really want to do is surf.

Big Z comp next week, hopefully I can join and there are waves coming. 🙂

**photos by Peter Villarta and Cristin Siason.

ENDNOTE : I really don’t think I would have much fun surfing if not for the people I surf with. You know who you are, and you know that you rock. I love you guys. 🙂


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