Facebook Deactivation, the 50th Law

I bought this book a few months ago and I’ve only found time to read it recently. I initially wanted to read this book because:

1)it’s a Robert Greene book (and I enjoyed reading Art of Seduction and 48 Laws of Power– but don’t ask me if I ever applied any of his principles because I seriously wouldn’t know.)

2) it’s 50 cent and I’m sorta a fan

3) the book cover/packaging was really nice. Some people saw it in my bag and even asked me if it was a bible.

Its a combination biography + self-help book dealing mostly about fear. Greene did use a lot of examples from 50 cent’s hustling days to explain his concepts. Well, most stuff in it, I have heard before, but some are new concepts.

I found the book worthy to read because of his take on boredom. He has this quote about it:


He said to welcome boredom, instead of being afraid of it. I should welcome it, because boredom tests you, and most often than not, when you’re bored you can either try something new, look for things to do and improve. People who succeed are the people who go ahead with things even when it’s not fun anymore because they want it bad enough.

I hate boredom. And if you’re my friend, you’d know that I do my best to avoid it.

Then I realized I had a lot of things in my life that are “fun” and get rid of boredom but hardly conducive towards what I want to do with my life. So I decided to edit.

First up—facebook, I deactivated it.

The result? All my errands are done. I turn my computer off everytime I finish work, and I get to read more books. Also, I get to be on top of my business, and I’m a lot less concerned about other people’s lives and I concentrate on myself. Not to mention, I’ve finally had time to think about the food business I’m putting up next year. Even thinking of my other businesses that I’ve not been paying attention to.

So that’s step 1, other steps include concentrating on my health, and honing my long unused skills in the kitchen. I remember a time that all I did was write recipe ideas down. I lost that. And since I don’t have FB, I get to remember all the things I’ve wanted to do, and do them. I don’t think I’ll permanently be off facebook, but I’ll surely know how to use it better if I do come back.

Oh and if you do have time, do read the 50th law. It’s an easy read, a lot less wordy than Greene’s other books and it has good concepts on fear and trying to read your market and success. Oh and also read it if you’re a fan of killer quotes. I’m a sucker for quotes.


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