And I wish I was only talking about the U2 song. *sigh*

To put it simply, Vertigo is the feeling you get that every thing is spinning but you’re not moving. To know the feeling, try going round and round and then suddenly stopping. There.

It’s scary and a big hassle. Imagine getting a wave, and doing your drop and it suddenly hits. Or when you’re driving. Scary!

I had the worst attack ever last weekend and I went to the doctor and he gave me exercises to try and fix this, and gave me a list of foods that are known to cause Vertigo. So I’m sharing it here, so I can help others and I can always find the list because it is most likely that I will lose it. 🙂 I have BPPV – Benign Paroxysimal Positional Vertigo, basically it means i’m not going to die, it comes due to certain positions and movements, and it’s vertigo– it’s going to make me dizzy,nauseous,  and bleh.

This diagram shows the Brandt-Daroff Exercises. You do the positions, changing positions every 30 seconds for 5 repetitions either thrice a day for 2 weeks or twice a day for two weeks.

Here’s the list of the foods known to cause vertigo:

1) All food seasonings and salt– soy sauce, fish sauce, maggi, knorr, worcestershire sauce, a-1 saiuce, bagoong, MSG

2) Food Preservatives – Sodium and Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Mononitrate, as in processed meats –ham, bacon, tocino, tapa, chorizo, sausages, meat loaf

3) Shellfish – shrimps, crabs, lobsters, clams, mussels, oysters

4) Chocolate – all kids

5) Alcohol – malt and beer

6) Dairy Products – cheese

7) Whole Wheat Bread ( i totally went WTF on this one!)

8) All Nuts

9) Tropical Fruits – mango, pineapple, orange, strawberry, guyabano, jackfruit, lychees, rambutan, mangosteen, grapes, lanzones, and santol (this was another WTF moment)

So basically, I can’t eat all the things I love. I was so sad when this was first given to me. I thought to myself, I will just eat plain congee forever and be unhappy. There’s a disclaimer though at the end.

You need to test if any (or all ) of these do cause you vertigo, you have to know if it makes you dizzy, makes your stomach upset, bloated, gives you a migraine, insomnia or skin rashes.

Doctor specifically told me the first two are the most important. No problem with the first one because I hate MSG. It does make me really dizzy. The second though—- ham and bacon. Extreme sadness, I ❤ my bacon. I can probably enjoy you but in miniscule quantities. hay… I really dont’ eat much chocolates because of GERD, so not a problem cutting on that. Shellfish has never been a problem. I have been eating a helluva lot of whole wheat bread, so that might be the reason for the attack, so I’m saying–goodbye to that first and saying hi to brown rice or black rice. I’ve loved Tropical fruits all my life and I doubt that I will stop eating those anytime soon, most specially strawberries because those are my favorite!

So the upside of this is that sesexy na ako! This coupled with my Eye of the Tiger Pact. Yown na!

Remember : there’s always an upside.

Source for the Brandt-Daroff Exercises here :


7 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Did you always have this or did it come on suddenly? I may have it, it came on suddenly. Did you dr. Do a test to figure this out?

    • Hi Nicole! It came on suddenly. At first, I thought it was because of my diet, but I later learned that it’s a family thing. My father side of the family has incidences of vertigo. So these days, I do everything to prevent an attack, I do not sleep on the side where I’ve gotten vertigo and I avoid eating vertigo causing foods.

      and yes, I had a ent doctor test/treat me.

  2. Hi. I know this is a shot in the dark since this was written way back in 2011, but I wanted to ask your source about tropical fruits (I’m most interested in the rambutan) being a cause of vertigo. I can only google the opposite, that rambutan can actually decrease dizziness. Hoping for your reply/help. Thanks.

    • This list was given to me by a doctor. I would just say though that rambutan is a cure for dizziness due to anemia. While sometimes a cause of vertigo is lack of blood to the brain stem, it’s hardly the same as being anemic. So we same symptom (dizziness) but different causes. Again, not a doctor so better to ask a doctor. 🙂

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