Johnny Chow Kapow!

We were walking in Resorts World deciding which place to eat when we noticed this restaurant. The sister told me that this was a restaurant from the same group as Sumo Sam, John and Yoko and Mr. Kurosawa (which suprised me, because wow.. my sister knows more about restaurants than me.. ako na..ako na ang hermit, or nagtitipid.. or both, wahaha!) My most visited restaurant in Powerplant is most probably Sumo Sam, so i told my family–we’re eating there.


I loved it! The decor was very traditional Chinese, but with pop art touches such as pictures on the back (and front) of the seats. The service staff ladies wore chinese chiongsams with neon hair (pink, green, violet, etc). We were seated at the exact center of the room, and looking up, we could see the Chinese lantern inspired lighting fixtures which I really really liked. (Let’s just say.. i remarked that I wanted those about 3 times.. where I would put them in our bungalow house.. malay ko .) But eating there felt fun! J


5 stars and more!!! I dunno if they treat all their guests the same way, but I really felt that we were special that night. The wait staff was fast and courteous, and very very very attentive—not annoying attentive, just quick to see if you need anything attentive. I forgot to ask the name of the lady (but I presume she wasn’t regular wait staff because she had a black wig (not neon )) serving us but she was really awesome. She somehow gleaned that it was my mom’s birthday, and she and the wait staff gave us cake and sang!! Yummy and awesome! My mom was so touched!


We were a group of 5, 2 of which were in a “diet”, but what the hey! It was my mom’s birthday and we went all out. Most of the servings we ordered were to share, but there are those for individual servings such as the “bowl”/”rice topping” dishes like the Crispy Porkchop that my brother had.

We also had some house tea / rice tea which nicely complimented the meal in the end.


Tropic Thunder (Basically a  lettuce rice paper wrap with a shrimp on top with hoisin sauce)

Don’t know how this ties up with the movie, but what the hey! We originally ordered this because a lot of people seemed to be ordering this as we were going in. Verdict was it’s okay. Not awesome, i’ve tasted better but we finished the plate, so we can hardly say we didn’t like it. It was refreshing.

Wu Mountain (Crispy Tofu with Soy Ginger)

Oh this we love. I’ve been obsessing about eating tofu for a while now since that ginger/mushroom/tofu thing Kwe fed me a few weeks back. And this had the same r nice quality–fresh and simple. I like how the tofu was crispy but wasn’t laden with batter and the inside was soft and silky. The sauce was very mild and I really couldn’t taste much of the ginger, but we loved it! 🙂


There’s Something About Pad Thai

We also finished this, but for me, this was a dud. I’ve tasted better Pad Thais at less the price. And I have something against tomatoes in Pad Thai.. although it does add some acidity. (The last time I had tomatoes in my Pad Thai was in Plate and Yummy in A.Venue and Ididn’t like it either). It just doesn’t seem right. I like the acidity from my pad thai coming from the tamarind paste and the lime. I also don’t like the fact that the egg came in a whole thin piece and I, as the designated server had to cut it, before I could mix it.. basically it was an additional hassle. Although the plate does look pretty doesn’t it with the omelette? But yeah, hassle.


Chinese Sausage and Egg Fried Rice

I orginally wanted to get the Johnny Chow rice, but I miss the taste of Lap Chong, so we opted for this. It was very good for what it was. Also bagay with the lechon macau + pineapples.  Next time, I’m going to try their Johnny Chow rice.

Crispy Porkchop (over mushrooms and rice)

I actually didn’t taste this as my brother wanted this all for himself. And he looked pretty happy with it, he finished the whole bowl (which comes with helluva lot of rice) .

Sweet and Sour Pork

Friends who have eaten with me in Chinese restaurants would know that this is my favorite chinese ulam EVER. And the johnny Chow version was good, but I’ve tasted better. Well, my real issue was the lack of sauce in the dish. The pork pieces had sauce clinging to them, but camown.. everyone wants to put sweet and sour sauce on their rice! Taste wise— I really didn’t taste much of the pineapple–or that sweet-sour flavor. And the pork pieces were mostly of batter, which were really crispy, but yeah.. i wanted some meat.

Maggie Woo (Lechon Macau with Pineapple Fritters)

This though is a KEEPER. I dunno how they do their lechon macau but by far (barring the really awesome Chinese restaurants in binondo) is the best lechon macau i’ve tasted in a mall. I tasted the meat without the hoisin sauce, and it was really really soft, flavorful and the skin was perfectly crisp! The sauce was hoisin and there was a smidgen of mustard at the side. I noticed that too late but the mustard does give a different dimension (not to mention some acidity) in the dish.

The pineapple fritters were a perfect accompaniment to the lechon. It had a nice coating and the pineapple was sweet but had enough tartness that gave us a nice palate cleanser after a rich lechon macau bite. Not to mention, my really picky eater brother had more of the pineapple than the lechon.


Mango Torte

We didn’t order dessert and we got this for free because it was my mom’s birthday!!! Yehey! It’s a mango frozen cream cake, interspersed with mango slices, mango sauce and graham as its crusts, topped with mango balls and a nice mango coulis.  Not a very sweet dessert, but refreshing and light after all that meat we just ate.


It’s good. The price of the meal with drinks cost us about P2,500-ish? It does remind me of Sumo Sam in terms of pricing, and quantity  but of course this is for Chinese, Korean and Thai Food. I would return for the Lechon Macau alone, although people have told me to try the Spare ribs and the Fish. Will do that next time for sure. This was mostly a PORK MEAL, wasn’t it? haha! 🙂


**oh and pictures taken from my Canon cam, courtesy of Water Plus. Thank you for the free camera from the blog night raffle, i never blogged about that. 🙂

Johnny Chow is located in the 2nd level  of Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Cybertourism Zone, Pasay, Metro Manila. Phone number (02) 659835.


5 thoughts on “Johnny Chow Kapow!

    • I want to try it because I belong to a food group that’s called Frugal chowhounds, so this is right up my alley. The question is… when I can find the time to get there. 🙂

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