Those who can’t TANGO…should watch!

Tango Fire in Manila! 🙂

Unknown to many, this bunny is part Latina–actually, Mexican, but yeah.. you get the drift.

And I’ve always thought I could dance. Ballroom during highschool wasn’t really hard for me. And let me tell you that the recent dancing bouts I’ve did courtesy of my mom’s socio-civic club were relatively easy and fun.

So both my latina blood and dancing skills were glad that Kassy invited me to attend the launch of Tango Fire in NUVO in Greenbelt a few weeks ago.

Ballet Philippines brings the world-renowned The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires to perform “TANGO-FIRE— the Flames of Desire”  for 2 days (January 17-18, 2012) at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. The show starts at 8pm and will feature world-class latin dancing, passionate singing and music.

I thought–hey I’ll give Tango a try.

So I bombed. I tried doing Tango and I massively failed. It’s hard!I’m blaming my partner because I really think with the right partner–i can so totally do what the people in the picture are doing. haha! 🙂  Feel the music, move, anticipate what your partner is going to do. And the hardest part of it all was being led. Hmm.. which poses another question about me that we will not answer at this time.

After that experience, I have a new found respect for anyone who can dance Tango and look  beautiful doing it. It’s the kind of dance that you wish you could do. It’s the kind of dance I wish I could do.

Those who can’t tango…should watch! 🙂

If you love dancing, or want to see really beautiful dancing, I suggest you buy tickets.

Tickets start at P1,200. For tickets, contact Ticketworld at 891-9999 or Ballet
Philippines at 551-1003. 

** Photos property of Ballet Philippines/Tango Fire Company

** To know more about Tango, the dance.. click here.


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