Auditory History: Valentine’s is coming!

So the past few weeks have been BUSY! My organizer looks like a child went crazy with it haha!

I’m calling the playlist for today:  Valentine’s is coming!

Why? what do you think? It’s because V-day is coming!  And I can’t quite decide if I should be stressed or happy about it?  Malay. Enihoodles, the playlist consists of songs that I’ve been listening to these past few weeks. I’ve tweeted about most of them, or tumblred or posted in facebook. So enjoy! 🙂


1. Eskimo Kiss, the Kooks

— Gave the new Kooks’ album a good listening to going to Tagaytay, fell in love with a song about falling in love. I’m a sucker for the lyrics.

2. Effect Desired None, Imago

–This song makes me think of enjoying the moment. Reminds me of happy times.

3. Dead and Gone, the Black Keys

— One of my favorite (if not my favorite) songs in the new album, the intro is golden and the chorus is catchy as hell. And isa pa, who wouldn’t want hearing— “i’d go anywhere you’d go…all the way…”, di ba?

4. Winter Calls, the Rifles

— I love songs that sound like this and this  whole thing seems eerily familiar. haha! 😉

5. Hot and Cold, Katy Perry

— I just had to put this in here because I did watch the Katy Perry Concert and this is my favorite Katy Perry song! 🙂  Teenage dream’s a close second! 🙂

6. Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol

— This song has always elicited “awww shucks”. What’s there not to love about this song? When he sings “please take my hand” inaabot ko na kamay ko e! haha! 🙂

7. Suicide Policeman, Yuck

–“And I just want to let you know, I can be your suicide policeman. Don’t you go.” For me, the best relationships are the one that they inspire another person to save themselves, big difference from someone saving another person ei? (Wow.. bakit biglang deep at this part?)

8. I Thought About You, The Beautiful Girls

— A favorite getting over-it song…or is it? I remember listening to this before over and over from Real to Manila. Popped into my head again a few days ago. Surfy too! 🙂

9. Needing/Getting, Ok Go

–One, this song is awesome. Two, the video is awesome. Three, needing is one thing, and getting is another. 🙂

10. You go, Toe

— This makes me feel peaceful and a great goodbye song for me. 🙂 And they’re coming to Manila, I’m watching! 🙂


This maybe the weirdest Valentine’s Day playlist yet. Who cares? It’s mine.

Are you ready for Valentine’s day? Ako di pa! 🙂

But just in case I don’t see yah! Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂


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