My sister is a big Walking Dead fan. (I haven’t watched the series because I haven’t read the comics. Yeah, I’m that type of person. enihoo…) And she downloaded the ipad game and has been playing it ever since.

During breakfast, I dunno if it was the weather, or maybe the ham we were eating (?!), but we started talking about a possible zombie apocalypse.

Me: Feeling ko sa zombie apocalypse, i’d be some sort of “survivor leader”.

Bie: Feeling mo? Bakit?

Me: I don’t panic easily. Remember what happened yesterday? (Our rainpipes were clogged with debris. And it started raining inside one part of the house. Maids panicked galore. I was calm as a whistle. Got everything organized. Very adult actually.:) )

Bie: That’s true. BUT… what happens pag may pinatay sa tapat mo, and then may dugo ?

Me: Ah… I’d probably still not panic. And then i’ll pass out after we’re safe?

Bie: Owsss….

(Of course, she says this with the best.. “you’re BS-ing me” face ever. It’s because I’m afraid of blood, specially if it’s coming from wounds. Crying is only one of the more minor things that I do in those “situations”. )


During lunch, we told mom about the zombie apocalypse thing.

Mom: May kweba sa isang lupa natin sa may Cavite. Di pa nga namin napapasok e. Pwede tayo magtago dun!

(and that right there is why my mother is extremely cool.)

Me: Pwedeng parang hideout! Sige, ako mag-eexplore!

Bie: Ate, di ba takot ka sa kweba at sa enclosed places? (Yep, I’m “kinda” claustrophobic.)

Me: Oh shet.. oo nga no? Pero kaya yan, kung walang choice!

Bie: Eh… (takes a deep breath and goes…) baka naman mahimatay ka pagmay dugo at pagkelangan pumasok sa kweba, tapos bigla nalang — “oh ano.. ako na leader?” Tapos ang unang utos ko–Buhatin nyo na ate ko at takbo na tayo! Wag na ate, ako na lang! baka makain pa tayo sa iyo e!

**at napasubo nalang ako ng kanin**

Note: In my defense, I would just like to say that I believe that I’ll get over my fear of blood, and fear of enclosed spaces, just in case that a zombie apocalypse happens. I love my life too much to go because I was afraid to kick-ass, or hide, or something like that. Since I now know I have some skill in computer-simulated archery, maybe I can build on that? 😛

Or maybe, I’d be like NPH’s character in Star Troopers? But then, I doubt that the zombies will have any kind of strategy going….Or will they? Mabasa na nga yang Walking Dead na yan. 🙂

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