White Fang Epic!

Yes, I’m blogging again! And I’m blogging about a book! It’s about a wild wolf/dog named White Fang! 🙂

Sidenote: I want to start by thanking Jeeves, because without him—this would not be possible. He gave me the copy of the New Girl series that I watched (and loved). In the last episode, Schmidt tries to “white-fang” Cece. Kindles were mentioned, and so being random enough to pay attention to these things, I got curious and I read the book.

Some things must be mentioned before the review:  

1. Prior to reading White Fang, I have not read any of Jack London’s books BUT I will definitely read Call of the Wild soon.  

2. I don’t normally read books that feature an animal as the main character/hero figure.(Werewolves and were-animals do not count! 😉 ) The last one that I remember reading was Watership Down, and I only really read that because it was about bunnies. (BTW, that book was awesome! Read it too! ) 

Visa, king of my universe

3. I love dogs. Our house has 3 dogs— Napoleon Visa (the shih-tsu and king of my universe), Happy Dollar (the wild boston terrier), and Lulu Love (the maarte toy poodle). I am crazy about my dogs.


Now that that’s done, I will try and tell you how much I LOVED this book!  And because I don’t give spoilers, I will be very vague while gushing admiration.  Bear with me. 🙂

The story? DOG TELENOVELA!  

Like all good telenovelas, the story was a roller-coaster of highs and lows. The story was so compelling that I gasped when something happened, found myself going “Run White Fang! Run!!” at certain parts, cheered when he triumphed over an enemy, and cried like a baby when White Fang’s spirit was getting crushed.

I loved how White Fang was an anti-hero in most of the book, which of course just made his journey more fun to follow. Ahhh…the tormented hero-types—they always make grand reading. 🙂

The writing? 

The writing is simple.  This book was mostly written from the perspective of White Fang, and it was so effective that way! I got to imagine how a dog would think, and London somehow made it believable. And since my dog Visa shows remarkable intelligence (he understands sentences in Tagalog and English, comprehends my “laws” and always manages to get treats from me), White Fang’s thoughts, actions, reasoning and intelligence in this book was  (at least it seemed to me) probable. Given that there were some —Whoa White Fang’s like Neo! parts of the reading experience, it was still mostly “grounded” in reality.  Arf! Arf! 🙂

The message?

Like all good books that pass the test of time, this book also has a great moral story. Besides the usual be-kind-to-animals-because-they-have-feelings-too bit, it drives a point on  how acts of cruelty hurt (duh!) and have the ability to mold us into unfeeling creatures. Inversely, it also shows us how acts of love and kindness can change someone’s life, and make one’s life better and blessed.  The latter of which I am very much a fan of. Word!


I want to gush more about it, but then I’d be giving away the story. Basta, it’s a book set in the early 19th century about a dog’s life. It starts in the forest and ends where you are. (Oh di ba? How vague! 🙂 ) Along the way, there will be hunting, dog-fights, some insights about how dogs feel about being part of a dog sled team, indians, steamboats, white people, gods, sheepdogs, criminals, whips, horses, and a partridge(or in this case a ptarmigan) in a (pear) tree. 🙂

This book is highly recommended to people who have dogs, or pets.  Or anyone that enjoys a good adventure story! 🙂


Download it from Project Gutenberg (where i got my copy) here.

PS. It turns out there’s an Ethan Hawke movie based on the book! I’m sooo watching it! 🙂  









2 thoughts on “White Fang Epic!

  1. Hi, Joko! I really loved this book! In fact, I also read The Call of the Wild too and I loved that book as well. I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it, considering that we don’t have any snow here in the Philippines and my initial impression was that it would be a bleak read. I still remember when I read it, even though it was several years ago. (It was the summer of my 3rd year in college.)

  2. Nagulat lang ako how much I loved the book! 🙂 I have to read Call of the Wild too. as usual, your new blog on the book about the philosophers added something to my tbr pile 🙂 Thanks Peter! 🙂

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