The High Road

I really need to delete stuff on my ipod. It’s about 2GB away from being full. And after listening incessantly to Foster the People yesterday, I clicked on the Fort Minor album — Rising Tied. I was reminded of how I loved this album a few years ago. How can I delete albums and songs?!!? I might need them someday. And so while I ponder on what can be done with my existing music collection that I don’t have a back-up to (Yes, I know. Don’t say it!), enjoy this little song from Fort Minor.

And since we’re talking about the high road, I read a status message from a friend today about “making someone feel what they made you feel”. I dunno what it was referring to, but that “making someone feel what they made you feel” bit just resonated with me. I have learned long ago from really stressful/nakakaloka circumstances of the benefits of taking the high road. (This was taught to me by my mommy actually.) Revenge is really a great series, but yun lang.. it’s a great show, but real life application? I have too many things to do. Spending your life trying to make others feel what “they did to you” is futile, and such a waste of time and life.

Can’t say I’ve been always taking the high road, but I do my best. 🙂


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