HBD Britney Spears! :)

It’s December 2 in the US, and still Britney’s birthday, and I love her!

I was feeling pretty bleh when I woke up today because I had really strange dreams. I think it’s courtesy of the book that I’m reading, and my first impulse was to listen to a Britney Spears song to balance my brain out.

Random, but we cope how we cope.  🙂

So I decided to post my favorite Britney song in the blog, Born to Make You Happy. It’s dated, it’s cheesy, and whatever, but I love it! 🙂 Why?  Every time I hear this song, i remember that I passed a tape of me singing this song as a reflection “paper” in college for a management class. mwahaha! IKR? I passed though, and the reason I’m posting this here and not in facebook is because I think my teacher in that class is a friend in FB, and he might still have the tape. haha!

Happy birthday Britney Spears! 🙂

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