Random Foodie Book Share

So I was buying books for Christmas pressies and I stumbled upon this book:

This is Chef Gene Gonzales’ Quick and Easy Guide to Food and Wine for Chefs and Restaurateurs. Last September during the FFP discussion of Jeffrey Steingarten’s book It Must’ve Been Something I Ate, i mentioned this book as my go-to book in cooking. I wasn’t actually sure if it was available in the local bookstores but yehey! It is! It prolly has been around forever, and I just didn’t notice it because it has a new cover, because my book looks like this:

I’m blogging about this because I think this book is the perfect book to give to someone that likes to cook, or is a foodie. In a nutshell, the book tells you what goes along with which. It eliminates most of the guess-work and gives you what works.

How? Basically, it’s arranged by ingredient and then lists down everything that should go along with it. For example, CHICKEN and as you can see it says that it goes along well with achiote, endives, oysters, and almonds, among others–even the type of wine.

I use it either as a way for me to get ideas when I plan a menu or a dish, or to double check if a combination should work. I have made things that are not in the book, but at least it gives me a general idea of what works. Knowing is half the battle.

Pretty rad right?

Just thought I would share, happy cooking! 🙂



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