Of Boardgames and Women


Battlestar Galactica Boardgame

Some people don’t like learning new boardgames—like Alain! And even before I knew him, his friends were already trying to get him to try other boardgames besides his favorite, Settlers of Catan. (Actually also for him to be on facebook. haha!)

I was late to a game night and Alain was explaining to the group why he liked only playing Settlers of Catan and he didn’t want to learn any new games.

He usually gives the whole “i don’t see the effort of learning a new game, etc..” speech, but he said something new that night.

He said something like, “Kasi..pare…How I relate to boardgames is how I relate to women.”

I think the people just hooted and said– “ikaw na” or whatever it is that boys say when one of them says something like that, and they played Settlers of Catan.

When I finally got there, it was the end of Settlers of Catan and the start of Battlestar Galactica. Again, we tried to get Alain to play with us, and he still said no. (Booo!)

They mentioned his “reason” again because I wasn’t there the first time.

I was beside Alain when his “reason” was mentioned, and I remember turning my head, looking right at him, and slowly and deliberately saying,

“so mahilig ka sa mga expansion pack?” (so you like expansion packs?) 

And then the whole room laughed! Alain tried to say something in his defense, but he just wisely shut up. Alain’s a good guy, I know he meant he was the stick-to-one woman type of dude, but I couldn’t resist it. Peace Alain! 🙂

Quick sidenote: Okay, Women can be likened to boardgames. We have rules that can be simple or pretty complex, and sometimes you can win by chance, by strategy, or sometimes you need both.  Some of us are not easy to win. Some are difficult and will take time, skill and *ehem* cunning. And yes, winning us is always satisfying.But really, the women-boardgames/games analogy really gives me the creeps. Anything with games and women, I think? Boardgames are played and women shouldn’t be played. Don’t play us, even if you’ve mastered the rules or how to play the game. Bad yon! I can go on and on about how this shouldn’t be so but this post will start reading like it’s a hate post, which it is not. This is a post about a funny moment in game night. Capisce? 

Enihoodles, Alain still didn’t  play Battlestar Galactica with us, but he did stay ’til the game finished, which was after 4 hours.

And yeah, the blasted Chua brothers/Cylons won. 😦


**Until the next game night peeps! Also a big TY to Blooey, Dianne and their geekfight team for letting us play with their game! 🙂  I really like playing this game, as what Shani  tweeted “Also any game that encourages paranoia among friends is good.” A review about the Battlestar Galactica game  can be found HERE.


4 thoughts on “Of Boardgames and Women

  1. Nice! I love board games too! But my favorites would have to be the classics: Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble! Hehehehe.

    The Battlestar Galactica board game looks awesome! I have the Game of Thrones board game, but I haven’t removed the shrink wrap yet! 🙂

    • Me too actually, re: the classic board games. I have a bunch of board games at home, some rin never been opened and played. I haven’t played Monopoly or Clue in a long time actually, nakakamiss! 🙂

      OMG! you have the Game of Thrones board game?!!?? Let’s play it Peter!! 🙂 I played the card game, but balita ko the board game’s quite elaborate. Let’s play! 🙂

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