Auditory History: January 2013

Because instead of practicing and making the powerpoint for the speech that I’m supposed to give tomorrow, I’ve been listening to music and dancing/and singing. And so I’ve decided to be “productive’ and at least post about it. And I haven’t done one of these things in a while.

So here’s what I’ve been listening to this January. 🙂

1. Hunting for Witches, Bloc Party

BLOC PARTY is coming to Manila on March 22 at the World Trade Center. Tickets are at Php2,800 and Php3,800. Get them at ticketnet/here. Pretty steep, but they’re going to be worth it! Listened to FOUR, their new album (which was released last year..)and I’m glad to say that they sound just like the old Bloc Party. Mercury is the only song that I remember from Intimacy, and that was my favorite ‘I’m kinda angry at the world song’ that year. Haha! So from Four, I liked the songs Day 4, The Truth, Kettling, and Octopus. Basically, I liked the album.

This whole they’re-coming-t0-Manila made me remember all the awesome Bloc Party songs that I rocked out to! Like this one! I can’t wait to listen to Hunting for Witches live! ZOMG!!!!

2. We Sink, Chvrches

Well, i’m late. My sense of what is current has never been the best. If I listen to it now or recently—it’s current in my world. Mwahaha! Enihoodles, here’s Chvrches (pronounced Churches.. i know.. i know..)They’re a synthpop group that has songs that remind me of the last Depeche Mode album that I listened to, which was Sounds of the Universe. Maybe the driving-right-at-ya-synths, I think? No album yet but so far, I like them. Lies and We Sink are in repeat. The chorus of Lies kinda just pops into my head when I wake up. Haha! And I would love to run while the song We Sink is playing, it seems like that kind of song.


3. Open, Rhye

What can I say except that my friend Miki sends me the most awesome stuff to listen to. And this song makes me so kilig! 🙂 It’s one of those songs. haha! And yes, this video made me blush! 🙂

4. Someday, Tegan and Sara

The Heartthrob album’s coming out this January 29! Mark your calendars! 🙂 I’ve whored out and I think posted too much of Closer now, so here’s a song from their Sainthood album. I love this song. Speak up!

5. Hooked, Mayer Hawthorne

Miki sent me the Mayer Hawthorne song, Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ years ago, and it was love at the first bop. I love dancing like a loon and that song always makes me dance. So he has a new album out (well, technically it’s not ‘new’ but if i’m listening to it now.. you get the drill), and I listened to it, and although there are still some songs that you can bop too, it listens more like a ‘pangromansa’ album, which really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Soul should always be sexy.

The live versions of this song don’t sound very pangromansa, but still it’s sweet. And I picked this particular song because it’s cute and it’s sweet. Suits me today. Woot!! haha! 🙂


Been also listening to a bit of the Dodos again, and also recently heard the new Wavves song — Sail to the Sun, which kinda sounds like an angry Arctic Monkeys song. I haven’t had the time to really listen to the last EP properly, but this jumped at me.


Okay, time to make a powerpoint!


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