“Namnam” Value Galore!

I’m blogging about food! Hooray! Today’s blog is about Namnam, the Comfort Filipino restaurant in Greenbelt 2 that’s currently on its soft opening. (It’s the restaurant below Burger Bar. Burger Bar where there are yummy fried pickles that I love. )

This was recommended to me by one of my bookclubmates, Iya. The reason I was sold on the idea of eating there was because she said: “Appetizer, main course, dessert– all of that’s something in the range of P400 pesos”. For greenbelt??!?! For one person?? That’s pretty awesome! But it sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? So we tried it out. 



Interiors are nice and homey. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about going in because I have a thing about being in tight places, i thought that the ceiling was low, etc. But inside, it was actually pretty nice. I didn’t feel claustrophobic (but I did make sure to sit in a place that I could see the outside/windows, etc).  Although if you’re going for an intimate date, the loud table in the corner (read: us) might cramp your style.


namnammenuSo food! 🙂 Iya gave us recommendations and we ordered most of that and then some.

Namnam dishes come in 3 size servings : Small (good for 1), Medium (good for 3) and Large (good for 6). I was ordering for 3 people, and I ordered only one small serving size of each. They also have the Classics Vs the Twists. Filipino food cooked classically like perhaps a Kapampangan sisig, and the other Filipino food with a twist like Tokwa’t Liempo Tepan. Something like that. I tried my best to order from the Twists side, because it’s just how I am. *snaps*

Ensaladang Namnam (small) – P90.00 ;  University Rice (small): P135


Basically, Ensaladang Namnam is pomelo salad + mango salad. Yes, try and figure that out. I liked it. It was refreshing and it went well with the other dishes I ordered. University Rice is tapa rice with egg. Yummy. The small order fed 3 of us (2 boys, 1 girl that eats like a boy). We did order another small garlic rice which costs about P35. How much rice? About equal to 2 cups of regular rice from Jollibee.

Tokwat’s Liempo Tepan (small) – P135 ; Caramel Wings/Patis Wings (small)- P140 ; Kapampangan Sisig (small)- P140


Tokwa’t Liempo Tepan was my least favorite dish, mainly I think because we didn’t put the Soysauce/Garlic sauce that they had in the table when it got to us sizzling. It would have been yummy that way, at least in my head.

The Sisig was okay. It was a nice serving, okay for sharing for about 2 people. And it was tasty. No mayonnaise in this sisig. 🙂

The Caramel Wings/Patis wings were the best things that I tasted that night. It was 4 pieces of chicken wings covered in sweet-sticky-spicy-general-tso’s-chicken-ish-but-with-a-patis/umami-aftertaste sauce. Loved the sauce! Loved this dish. I will order one solo for myself next time. It felt like I was eating bonchon/*insert your favorite korean/double-fried chicken restaurant* but with a patis aftertaste.

Dessert/Drinks : Mango-Pom-CocoCream-Sago- P120 , Ube-Sago- P95 , Gata Leche Flan – P80


Shani had the Mang0-Pom-CocoCream-Sago drink, and initially you would think– it will taste weird. It was a complex but enjoyable drink. The pom-coco-cream combination was very new to me. It worked though.

Iya also recommended that I try the Ube Sago or the Leche Flan. I tried both. haha! The Ube sago = ube ice cream + sago.Very good. My friend and I split the Ube Sago, and I wanted more dessert, so we decided to get the Gata Leche Flan. If you make flan or bake or whatever, you’d know that coconut cream is not the most stable of things. It breaks down very easily. And to use it in a flan? Balls. So we tried it. It was good with freshly grated dayap/lime rind on top. That’s the first taste that will hit you when you take a bite. Then the flan itself was very smooth and I was happy that it wasn’t too sweet. Then you get the gata taste in the end. Creamy. For 80 pesos, it was a great end to my meal.


Service-wise even if they were in their soft opening, the food arrived quickly and I loved the wait staff that was assigned to us (but then I really like the wait-staff in Burger Bar as well). They were attentive, and very knowledgeable of the menu.


Total bill was P1,065, divided by 3 , that’s P355. So it’s true! Appetizer to dessert (with drinks) for less than P400.

Now go and eat there because I want this restaurant to last! 🙂

Namnam, Greenbelt 2, below Burger Bar, Makati 

PS  Jeeves also said that he would take foreign guests to eat in this restaurant. That sounds like a great idea. 🙂


6 thoughts on ““Namnam” Value Galore!

    • it’s actually really awesome that they have that solo/small serving. i want to try the vegetarian stuff, and something with sabaw. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation iya! 🙂

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