On Procrastination and Cluttering

For the longest time, my ‘about me’ page had something in the lines of “i’m in a never-ending battle with the forces of procrastination”. I changed that recently because 1) I don’t think telling the world that you like to procrastinate is healthy (even if it’s true), and 2) it’s a new year, and I’d like to turn a new leaf and get on with the goals.

This 2013 is on its 2nd month and it’s turning out to be really busy, which I think is good. How busy? January last year my book count was 20-ish. This January? 2.  Although book count is not a solid indication of productivity,  it’s a good indicator of me doing something else other than reading. (Not that reading is not productive. I love reading!) I am glad to say that it’s been mostly work.

Last week, I wrote my goals for 2013. Today, I clicked on this youtube link by this young college dude about procrastination.

Okay although he’s not the greatest speaker of all time and he really should have practiced more… maybe he procrastinated ;), he made really good points.

I know for a fact that my limbic system’s pretty much the most powerful force in my universe, perhaps second only to my mom. I like fun. I get that.  What I really got from the speech besides that part about the limbic system was his point about Metacognition. Thinking about thinking is what I’ve been mostly doing this January and February.

And if you know me, I’m a big believer of I get what I need. So I’ve been thinking that maybe I needed to watch this video. I needed to be reminded of the goals I made last week. Hmm, Imma take it.

So that said, here are some things that I’d like to change/do this year to further said goals.

1  Thinking with deliberation. 

This includes blogging more, or at least putting thoughts into words. I suffer from saying/writing things that are “wrong” a lot. By that, I don’t mean they’re wrong or they don’t exist– just either I get the names wrong, or i get a word choice wrong.. etc. I know what I want to say, it’s just that sometimes it comes out wrong. I have no idea why this happens. I’ve been told it could be because I think too fast, or I need more B-complex(my doctor said this), or it could be that thing we call — Malpropism. No kids– it’s not dysphasia, but it is a form of “cluttering”.  Cluttering is a speech disorder. I have not been diagnosed to have it, and I hope to goodness I don’t ever but if you look at the wikipedia page.. nakey…..

It doesn’t matter though. Since I know I do this a lot—I’m going to try and do more speeches, to tell more stories coherently, and to write and say things at least with more deliberation and thought. I hope it works. *crosses fingers* If it doesn’t, the malapropisms are funny anyway right? For example, I called Dumbledore–the gay gandalf last weekend to potterheads. I know.. i know.. But they knew what I meant! 🙂

2 Joining the cult of the notebook.

I’m currently in the process of joining “the cult of the notebook”, and I’ve been writing down my ideas, things that I plan to do, etc. It’s actually doing me good. I can’t still picture myself writing in a diary though/journalling my day, but I can see myself going around with a pen and a notebook, jotting down ideas for a speech, a blogpost, or a story, which is good because my friends don’t call me ‘Dory’ for nothing. 🙂

3 Reading/consuming more ideas.

I make it a point to read blogs/articles now. I finally know how the google reader works and the wordpress reader. I don’t get to do it often, but I’m loving it when I do. I’ve also started listening to podcasts (other than those about surfing), a very nice addition to my life courtesy of the iphone/ipad podcast app and I must also cite the influence of Shani on this. I love the Moth for the stories. 🙂

4 Starting stuff.

I’m still not done reading my old blogposts. But it has reminded me about some of my dreams and goals that I’ve never gotten around to doing. What I also liked about the TEDx talk above? That part about being a PERFECTIONIST. He quoted Napoleon Hill — “Don’t wait. The time  will never be just right.”  which was awesome! I ❤ Napoleon Hill.

While I don’t think I’m a perfectionist, I do like making sure that things I attach my name to are as awesome as I can make them. But what he said that most perfectionists do? I do!!!  I’m guilty of waiting for the best time to do this or that, and waiting ’til it’s just “right”.  It has not gotten me nearer my goals. So I’m going to try and and just do some things already!  Let’s do this!


Yesterday, I was pretty kick-ass. I managed to totally annihilate my to-do list. Today’s looking great too!  🙂  I’m going to habituate more productive things in my life and I’m going to try and stick with it ’til it ….sticks.

To end this post: here’s a good example of the metacognition process. I’ve realized that if I don’t sit on my desk each morning and look at my organizer/planner. Write stuff on it. I procrastinate.


5 thoughts on “On Procrastination and Cluttering

  1. I don’t know how I found you blog but I’ve enjoyed reading it so far.

    And that book is quite good. I just got it a few days ago and I’m starting to enjoy it.

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