No Way To Treat A Lady

So far, REP’s season (ticket) line-up has been pretty awesome. Actor changes aside, I’m hoping that the last play, the Graduate will deliver as much as the first two plays have. 

The first play was Boeing Boeing. It was soooo funny! About a guy that juggles 3 flight stewardess girlfriends based on their flight schedules, basically it’s a play on how the shit hits the fan. Sooooo funny! I hope that play gets a repeat.  I would watch it again. 🙂



This year’s second show is the musical— No Way To Treat A Lady. Audie Gemora (who also directed the musical) stars as Christopher/Kit Gill, a delusional unemployed actor/serial killer off to kill as many old ladies that look like his deceased theater diva mother (played by Pinky Marquez) in an attempt to get front page coverage in the New York Times. The detective assigned to the case is Detective Morris Brummell (played by Joel Trinidad), a jewish detective that lives with his mother Flora (played by Sheila Francisco). Morris has ‘getting a life’ issues but welcomes the romantic entry of Sarah Stone (played by Carla Guevara-Laforteza) into his life.

I really liked it. Why? Although the story/plot is predictable, the situations that the characters find themselves in (especially the various set-ups on how Kit kills all the old ladies) were so funny, and the actors just transform into these hilarious characters. The chemistry between Audie Gemora and Pinky Marquez was spectacular. My favorite scene was of course the ‘latin’ part of the musical where Kit Gil plays a latin dance instructor named Ramon. That was the quintessential – “my pera is so bawi moment of the night” (got my money’s worth and then some).

Joel Trinidad nicely played Morris as this guy that’s tired of his life with a mom nagging him to be better. Even if the stereotype of the Jewish mother has been played countless times before in both film and tv (and theatre?), there’s something to be said when it’s done really well. And it was. Flora Brummell got laughs from me (and the people I were with) from her first appearance.

The love story between Morris and Sarrah was so cute! 🙂 A cop with an unneeded/slight inferiority complex meets a tough confident woman and there it is. I’m a sucker for love stories in that vein. (ehem. 😉 ) I have to give special props to Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Sarah Stone. I loved her voice. 🙂

A friend that also watched this musical found the music “boring”. I actually really liked the songs and the music. Some songs created this tension between Morris and Kit, while others were funny and  kilig—it worked for me. The songs were simple and catchy. I and the person I was with were singing “So Far, So Good” over and over and over and over and over… or at least the parts that we did remember… hours after the play.

Ehem. I’m actually listening/singing with an imaginary (scary!) partner to it now. har har.

During the intermission one of the other persons that watched with me had an issue with the lighting, I’m not sure but I think he found it a little bit too dark that some of the actor’s faces were in shadow? Something like that? I actually found the lighting (and the set) pretty terrific! I loved how the stage was wrapped around by this big New York Times print, and how there were levels in the stage and the lighting was dark, which i think suited the noir effect that they were going for.

While yes the material may be a bit too simple and predictable to some, I was very entertained. I really got carried away by the great acting and singing (and direction), and by just the fact that this song is so damn catchy.

As the song says.. “So Far, So Good” for REP’s 46th season. 🙂

NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY will be on OnStage at Greenbelt 1, Makati City til March 24. Call 5716926 or call ticket world for reservations. 

Catch it! 🙂


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