Time to Dance

In Taylor Swift’s song— “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, she has lyrics that go:

“And you, will hide away and find your piece of mind with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine” 

As per my research (because I did a Taylor Swift category for quiz night a few weeks back), this song is allegedly inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes, Mr. Bubble Boy himself. That said, I give you Mr. Gyllenhaal in the Time to Dance video by the Shoes: 

Could this band’s record be the indie record that Tay Swift was talking about? If it is… okay. The Shoes’ album Crack my Bones is indeed very cool. From fast tracks like Time to Dance to really slow and relaxing songs like Wastin’ Time, I love how this album just flows. And I like dancey stuff, so there. I can see myself hiding away and listening to it. 😉

Whether I think it is cooler than hers, I dunno. I like them both. There goes my non-existent hipster cred. haha! 🙂  But nah seriously, it just depends on the mood. I’m a girl and I like singing “Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago…” but prolly a lot angrier. Think Taylor Swift sung ala Hole. Boom. hahaha!


PS1 I have no time to make a proper blogpost about the things I’ve been listening to this month but for a quick round-up.. here it goes!

Whored out listening to the first 3 songs of the Tegan and Sara Heartthrob album. Also on repeat? Rhye’s Woman album, San Cisco’s Beach EP (I have not found time to listen to the San Cisco album), unearthed the best of Jamiroquai album.. (yay! i ❤ Love Foolosophy), been trying to find the album of the Foreign Objects but to no avail but I’m playing their song “Fire” a lot, loving the Tay Swift/Gary Lightbody song in the Tay Swift album, and I pretty much start my car rides with Those Dancing Days’ I’ll Be Yours and Keep Me In Your Pocket for happy vibes. Whew! That was long. 🙂

PS2 Time to Dance is not my favorite song in the Crack my Bones album, right now it’s Wastin’ Time, followed by People Movin’. Listen/Watch

PS3 I seem to be mostly in an electro music state of mind. hmm…

PS4 The album and the band I’m talking about –the Shoes is an indie pop dance band from France, not to be confused with the Shoes, the american power pop band from the 70s. 🙂

PS5 Toe is coming back to Manila on April 19!!! This makes me really happy! 🙂 I remember how bummed I was the last time they were here. First, no one wanted to go with me to the concert, and when I finally convinced someone– the tickets were sold out. I hope we get tickets on Thursday. I hope they play Two Moons. 🙂

Bunny out. :)


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