Bunny Art?

Remember me having that “do things that scare the bejesus out of you” thingie going on a while back? I did skateboarding for that, and then I joined a TM contest.

So what’s up for this year?



My sister just told me— “There’s a surprise on your bed!” Of course I excitedly went to my room and found  a sketch pad and 2 charcoal pencils!


I kinda asked these from her (she’s the artistic one in the family) and the brother (he’s good in math naman) when we were walking in a bookstore the other day. It just suddenly popped into my head that I wanted a sketch pad and charcoal pencils.

When I was younger, CSA always had these draw St. Augustine contests. And I remember doing a charcoal/pencil drawing of St. Augustine and it got picked as a finalist. That was the one and only time that I thought I was good at art. I can honestly say I’ve never tried drawing after. I also remember drafting class where it was easy for me to get how the perspectives would look like BUT I sucked at drawing them out (well actually just making them neat. Haha!) I smudged those plates like crazy. There was even a standing joke with my friends that they’d know if it was my plate/drawing because it was kinda messy. So I think charcoal painting would be good, yeah? Smudging is a given. 😉

Now to find time and read that book and to try out a few sketches. Yuck feeling ako.. haha! 🙂 But what the hey, better to try than to never try at all!

Come to think of it, I think all of this was because of that lunch we had with Gilda Cordero-Fernando. She told us how she started painting late in her life. I remember that this charcoal painting thing popped into my head when she told us stories about when she started painting. She’s definitely a great inspiration to try new things.

So here goes nothing!  🙂


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