the family called life

So fear and hope are married. They have a baby.

The baby has an aunt called Good and an uncle called Bad. The Lucks, as they are called, are married as well. 

Mommy and daddy argue a lot. The baby hides when this happens.

As they are the closest friends of the baby’s parents, mommy and daddy leave the baby with the Lucks a lot.  Uncle and auntie love playing with the baby. They never say no. The baby has mixed feelings with the Lucks. Auntie always makes baby happy, while uncle always makes baby uncomfortable.

The baby grows up so fast.

Fear and Hope continue to argue. The Lucks continue to babysit. The baby still has no choice in the matter. The baby waits.

One day, the baby now grown—- snaps!

“I am not your plaything!” The baby marches out the door, vowing to never return again.

Days pass. Months pass. Years pass.

Fear and hope are still married. The Lucks are still going strong.

But the baby? The baby has grown sad. The baby misses the arguments between mom and dad, and even the maddening things that auntie and uncle do. The baby drowns slowly in silence.

Silence is not life.

And so the baby swims back to the family. The baby steps into the house and utters a prayer.

“Please let Hope wear the pants in my family this year, and please let auntie visit often and leave uncle at home.”

Mom and dad take him back. Auntie and uncle welcome him home.

Days pass. The baby looks at his parents and his god parents in a new light.

The baby sees how each complement the other. There is no Hope without fear. And one could never know good luck without experiencing bad luck. Two sides to a whole.

The baby realizes the need for a partner, a match.

And so the baby, now called Love started searching for a mate.

Mom, dad, auntie and uncle try to “help”. Sometimes their “helping” drives Love crazy, but Love lives with it. It is better than the droning silence that Love had long ago.

Love continues searching. Love waits. Tries. Fails. Goes for it again!


Love sees Hate in a crowded room.

It’s kismet. and cliche. and scary. and dangerous. and stupid. and beautiful.

Auntie and Uncle attend the wedding.

Fear and Hope hold hands and look on, as Love and Hate say “i do”.

Love and Hate are married.

They want to make a baby.



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