Sea of Stars

So I had dinner with some of the surfer girls today, and as we were exiting the elevator, they nonchalantly told me that I was in a music video.

“Say what??!”

Manskee daw– Sea of Stars. I’ve seen that video posted by a couple of friends in FB, but given that the last few days weeks have been hella-busy, I never found the time to clicky-click on it.

It turns out, I should have. I did finally watch it today, and I found myself in about 2 seconds of video. I was doing two things: getting ready to read in the hammock ,and I was sleeping in the car (prolly with my mouth open. har har!)

I think it’s pretty cool that I’m in the video! hehe! Plucked out of anonymity pa rin! haha! 🙂 The song is very cool, with a very Jack Johnson-ish feel to it. Lyrics are cute. It has got the surfing “feels” to it.  It made me miss surfing….and my surfboards, the ocean, and my friends… huhuhu. 😦  Upside? I’m unexpectedly in a music video with firstly, really awesome people, aaaaand… Bogart the Explorer! (Can i be in a music video with Boris next?!? 🙂 ) 

The lesson here is to have friends that pay  attention. 🙂

And that the bunny needs to surf. Badly.


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