Spoken Word Poetry, Writing, and Me (Charooz!)

My TM division (division B) recently had a poetry reading fellowship event. There was a contest and I was lucky enough to win it. Did a ‘female’ version of the Love Poem Medley by Rudy Francisco. (Video below)

I loved, loved, loved, loved reading/performing this poem! Feel na feel ko! As in. 

Now whether giving my all to the performance of this poem relates to recent things in my life still remains a mystery, even to me. And this is the point where I go do a topic shift. Like this:

I think someone video-ed my performance. And that video will never see the light of day! I hate seeing myself on video. If Beyonce has weird faces when performing, I have really awkward expressions when I talk. Actually, awkward is an understatement. Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo from that performance (posting this photo is the max that I can take) taken by Gov. Ed. (Thanks Gov. Ed!) See? Awkward.  Also, feel na feel ko talga!  haha!

picture 1

Enihoodles, my friend and I were talking about spoken word poetry during the TM event, and we both wished that we could both do it (spoken word) again. Speaking your own truth through poetry takes a lot of guts, and the last time I did that, I had guts because my gut had a lot of  alcohol in it. The challenge now is to do spoken word (using my own poetry) without alcohol. And that is definitely going to the scare-the-fuck-out-of-me -therefore-I-must-do-it list for this year. I promise that it’s going to get bumped up!

Speaking of things that scare-the-bejesus-out-of-me, I’ve been pretty busy trying to write some children’s stories. I’ve finished one, but I have to coerce  ask my sister to do some art for it before the deadline, which is on June 12. It’s one of those do-it-yourself type of things for a non-profit org that partnered with another non-profit org that I belong to.

This writing thing really scares me, more than words can say.(Pun totally intended.  tee-hee!)

But life seems to be conspiring to give me chances to show my sh*t to the world, and I’m not stupid enough to waste them. So imma take them and just hope to God that at least one person will like what I wrote. And I’m perfectly fine with that person being my mom. Seriously.

That said, I need to practice my “writing skills”. And now that my busiest months are over job-wise, I’m free to at least hopefully blog more. That’s practice right? Oh well, here’s hoping!



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