On Wonder and Kindness

wonder-coverFirst of all, let me say that about 2 people already told me that I would like this book. (it’s scary how so many people know me, or how highly suggestible i am.. haha!) I had no immediate plans of reading it as my TBR is soo ver…very. I was surprised that my sister bought this book. I told her that I planned to read it someday.

Well, that someday was today and I just finished the book and some bits of teary-snot-filled moments.

Goodness, I love this book.

First, the no-spoiler description:It’s a story about a boy named August, born with a deformity. He goes to school. End.

The whole story about kids growing up has been done before, while this one has that added twist of the main character being different physically, that has been done before as well.

But RJ Palacio has a way of invoking these feelings in the way that she writes. She’s written the characters in this book so simply and so wonderfully (pun, totally intended) that you get caught up and you start caring.

The book talks a lot about kindness, and being kind. And being understanding, and a lot more noble stuff, much of which, we overlook during the normal course of our lives. I certainly do. We’ve all been mean without meaning to be. It happens. And the book talks about that too. It’s funny how a bunch of middle school kids are like adults in so many ways.

And you know what this book reminded me of? How it feels after watching that show “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” wherein people are unknowingly given unethical/unkind scenarios to see how people would react.

the reasons why I love this book

  1. I loved how the author got the kid’s voices perfect. They seemed like middle schoolers or high-schoolers. You know how children can speak the truth unknowingly. She got that perfect.
  2. It’s a story about kindness. I’m a fan of that.
  3. I’m a fan of the English teacher’s precepts, I highlight stuff like that and post them all over the twittersphere/tumblrsphere. I love how those precepts, while a bit cheesy would have been great to have if I was in school.
  4. It’s a transformation story- a satisfying one.
  5. I loved the different point of views that the book goes to. The shifts were done so seamlessly. The voices of each were distinct, and you could glean the personality of each, and how each thought. You were immersed per chapter in how that person thought or felt.
  6. I loved her characters. They felt real.**
  7. The dog scene hit me like a fist in the gut. I love my dog and I dread that day. That scene made me cry the hardest.
  8. I’m guessing this is classified as a YA novel. That said, i think it’s a YA novel that adults should read. It actually feels like a YA novel that was written for adults.
  9. This is really a book about being human. I’d like to believe that most of us gravitate to be good, just as the book mentions. This book is a great reminder of that.
  10. This book would make a really great movie. 😉

I really liked it. Read it.

**I’m guessing, a lot of people will criticise this book because Auggie’s family is close to being “perfect”. While it did feel like that in certain parts, overall it was okay, wasn’t too over the top for me. Although it would have been a really really really different book if the family had “more” problems, but I dunno. In the book, they were the “ideal” family of most of the characters, so again, to me, it was okay.

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