Daet Again after 2 years

Last long weekend, Gillian, Joy and moi went on a wahine roadtrip to Daet. The mala-alamat driving skills of Gillian were again showcased as she drove 7 hours from Alabang to Bagasbas. (We thank Google Maps for showing the way, as well as the signage provided by the government here and there. )

After 2 years, I finally saw Bagasbas beach again! Joy!! 


Bagasbas Beach

That said, I’ve missed Daet. A few years ago, I was in that part of the coastline at least twice a month.

What happened? Why did it take me 2 years to go back?

I could prolly blame other aspects such as my job, and the whole gamut of other things I do, but nah. There’s no excuse.

Remembering one of my most memorable birthdays in Bagasbas as I walked towards our room had me smiling a bit. Those were fun times involving lots of alcohol, crispy pata sauce, and a lot of other things — doga in the morning! haha!

The truth is I’ve missed Daet. Its laid-back vibe. I’ve missed the big beach where you can take your pick of where you want to surf. I’ve missed the thick waves, and waking up at 5am to check if there are waves. I’ve missed San Jose.  I’ve missed laing. I missed Alvino’s. I missed the friends that I’ve met in Bagasbas and Catherine’s (now called Bagasbas Lighthouse).  I’ve missed snorkeling in Chicken Island, making sure to come early to Escalante to make sure we still have bulalo, eating at K-sarap, early morning tricycle rides to Singangag Plaza, or the isaw sa kanto. And kahit mababaw, it saddens me that I can’t have my Strawberry Passionfruit Smoothie when I get out of the ocean because they discontinued it.  Hay.

But I was reminded of what I REALLY miss about Daet when a local talked to me while I was surfing the Catherine’s break, and he said:

him:  Nagsusurf ka dati dito di ba? Madalas? 

me:  Opo..

him:  Anong nangyari? Marunong ka na dati ah. 

me: hmm…. *sad bunny face* 

I miss the surfer that I used to be, especially in this break.  *sigh*

I should be a lot better at this sport than I am now. *sadbunnyface*


But since I can’t go back in time,  and I really don’t like dwelling in what could have been, maybe baby steps are again in order.

PS.  Now for a trip down memory lane… Daet pics from surftrips long ago…


San Jose 🙂


Also, in San Jose. Siesta time!


during my first trip to Daet, bonfire with friends while drinking the local brew.


On my surfboard britney, taken by mighty, a few years ago.


Rode out of a wave that closed out. Photo by Mighty


Birthday surf. I was so dark. Photo by Kwe Lo


The end of the birthday surftrip. Fun times.


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