Trying to Write

I finally joined wattpad (add me up! username is jokobunny) and I tried to write something for the #thebookthiefchallenge. Basically it’s writing a short story or anything in the perspective of Death, much like how it was in the Book Thief.

I finished it, read it for the first time, and my initial reaction was—can “highschool” be a writing style? Actually, I’m sure a lot of highschoolers are better at this than me. And I’m going to say this again, I suck at dialogue attribution. And someone should teach me how to do those, “”yes,” she muttered.” things.

Enihoodles, if you want to read the story, it’s called Death’s New Job (this story actually occurred to me when I read somewhere that  heartbreak felt like dying, of course the non-GP story of this would be the “other” death, but haha! maybe not for wattpad) and maybe give a comment or something, do check it here:

This whole trying to write stories thing just resurfaced recently, and I’m left with this feeling of intense inadequacy. There are stories in my head that want to be written, I think , and really, sometimes I don’t know how.

But maybe I’ll just keep on trying til a writing style appears somewhere. haha!

Toodles! 🙂


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