Happy/Sad : the Addams Family

I have somehow evolved into a person that actually has a group of people that I can invite to go watch the theatre with. Amazeballs!

That said, I was asked to procure the tickets for the Addams Family musical by Atlantis Production. I went OC galore with it, and I think it worked because the seats we got were really awesome (if I do say so myself). Haha! It pays to call and reserve/pay early. 😉

Eula Valdez as Morticia and Arnel Ignacio as Gomez– awesome performances!

So the musical. I had a friend that watched it a day before me, and he said it was technically flawless, and the whole cast was very good.

Watched it and I agree. Everyone was so perfectly cast for the role that they played — even Lurch!  (Although, Kayla could have been a little more Wednesday surly though, pero i thought she was still very good) We paid P1,500 for orchestra center seating, and for the set design alone, parang bawi na!

It’s a very funny musical. Fester was so cute in love, Pugsly’s solo was magical, Kayla’s voice is always great (but you still blew me away nung Carrie), and since I wasn’t lucky enough to have watched Eula Valdez in Zsa Zsa AND in Nine, it was my first time to experience her on stage, and I totally gave her a standing ovation come curtain call. Morticia talga!

My favorite part in the whole musical was Gomez (Arnel Ignacio) and Wednesday’s (Kayla) graveyard scene where Gomez sings Happy/Sad. Gotta give special props to Arnel Ignacio! He was so awesome in his role that — he made me cry! When he sang “Happy/Sad”, I just started crying. As in crying! If I wasn’t in a theatre with people around me, I would have bawled like a baby. As in ngawa! Stood up for him too come curtain call.

Give Happy/Sad a listen. This is Nathan Lane from the ocr.

Why did it make me sad? Lemme see, it made me remember my dad, how he’s gone and he can’t sing/tell me those things anymore. And perhaps because it was exactly what I was feeling. Happy/sad. I was happy I was watching such a wonderful funny musical, but sad because of everything that’s been happening in my country.

But I’m not sorry to have watched this play, as the writers of this musical have pledged to waive their royalties earned from this play to help the relief efforts for Typhoon Yolanda’s victims. That means if you do watch this show, you’re still helping! 

So go watch! 🙂 
Addams Family will be running til Dec 1 at the Meralco Theater. 
Show times: Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.
For tickets call Atlantis at 892 7078 or Ticketworld at 891 9999! 

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