Cinderella VS Frozen

Just watched a remastered version of the Disney Classic, and I’ve realized a few things.

Comparing how “true love” is portrayed in Cinderella and in Frozen, I have to say that –naks! fairy tales are now more “realistic”.

Of course, I’m thinking of Kristoff’s reaction to Elsa getting engaged to Hans on their first meeting and the result of that “engagement” in Frozen VS of course, the matter of fact way that Cinderella and her prince spent an evening together, without asking each other’s names (Ikr?!?) but they almost kissed, and it was perfectly okay that they want to marry each other na. (Ang bilis!)

Wait! Maybe that still happens and malas Lang ako? Haha!

but nah, in this world of facebook stalking and random people reading your brain farts online, I’d like to end up with someone that I really know, perhaps not in the course of saving your land from becoming a winter wasteland, but more in the lines of spending time with each other, otherwise known as dating.

But hay, who knows? Life has a funny way of working things out.

I might meet someone that’ll turn me into a Cinderella, or I might be victimized by a cad like Anna. Or maybe I’ll get lucky! Maybe something like a joke, may end up as a beautiful gift that gets better as the days pass– with every wrinkle, with every line, with every sigh of saying your name.

Cinderella VS Frozen?
I’ve always liked Belle. 😉

Random thoughts this Christmas Day. Merry Christmas Everybody! 🙂


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