2013 List

A quick round up of things (that I remember) this 2013, this will be quick.


This year, I attended and covered the Wanderland Festival (and presscon) where I got to tell the vocalist of Temper Trap that I was so sad that he wasn’t Filipino. Har har! Listening to Sweet Disposition live was a blast! Thank YOU for making that happen! Article on that: here.

Another awesome thing this year was Bloc Party live in Manila!!! I had a vertigo attack the night before, but I still loved it!

I did fail to watch a lot of bands this year. As in. Tegan and Sara, the Last Dinosaurs, Metric, the Killers, the XX. I’m blaming the busy life. Hay.

I really was so swamped with everything that I only managed to listen to a few albums completely, and so far, I loved: AM by the Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove’s Spreading Rumours, Chvrches’ The Bones of What You Believe (but I will always like the male version/earlier version of We Sink), Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll album. Special mention: Urbandub’s Esoteric and Learn to Exist by the Jungle Giants. 

Favorite New band? This is tricky since I haven’t been listening to new music unless one of my AWESOME friends sends a song to me. I’m going to say Capital Cities because of Kangaroo Court. Runner up would be Imagine Dragons.

Favorite song? Ack. Ack. Ack. I’m thinking the Last Dinosaurs’ Zoom, Tegan and Sara’s Closer, or I Am What You Want Me To Be by the Jungle Giants. But I’m thinking Zoom, that song randomly appears in my brain sometimes. I will also have to mention: the acoustic version of Phoenix’s Trying to Be Cool.


Where I loved eating this year? Where do I start? Haha! I gained pounds this year because of a Cebu eatfest with my friends…among other things. Hmm…I loved Calderon for the Spanish fare in Greenhills (and that other place in Manila where we had Callos? with the casino? I forget the name). Also I keep on craving for that Arroz Misto in Borgo in BF, I dunno because I ate there libre courtesy of Kasuy or what, but I liked it, the beef entree in TWG, Big Daddy J’s ribs, the Braised Pork Belly dish in Abaca, and I really liked the Thanh Long Noodles Stuffed Lechon by Pepita’s kitchen.


Dessert wise: I keep on thinking of that Homemade Ensaymada from Porac, that awesome Cheesecake from Indulgence by Irene, Singapore Surprise ( a must with #10/flowery tea) from TWG. Oh! the Pylones Bronut (stawberries + cream, hello!!!) 🙂 and Rouge Sundae from Bono, and the Butter Pecan and Kamias from Sebastian’s. I spent quite a lot of time in cupcake places this year: still ❤ Elvis from Cupcakes from Sonja, and the Salted Caramel by Vanilla Cupcakery.

And as 2013 was RAMEN year, my favorites include: Yushoken for the Miso, Mitsuyado for the Double Cheese Tsukemen, and just recently, Ramen Nagi–just for the fact that I can customize the hardness of my noodles! 🙂

I also can’t  commit to a full-on food blog, so i do micro-blogging/reviews up in my instagram under jokoness, add me up! I’m also thankful that I get to contribute some food articles in a really popular news website this year. 🙂  PS. Also, managed to meet a bunch of foodies that put my food-love to shame–mga idol!


I loved that I got to watch the remastered version of : Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag this year. Foreign films: The Desolation of Smaug, Frozen, Sound City, Trance, Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast and The Furious 6, the Internship (i liked it e), the World’s End, Kickass 2, World War Z, Rush, Gravity, and Thor: the Dark World.

Pero my favorite movie of the year has got to be– Pacific Rim! All my growing up boyish dreams–came true! 😉 Kaiju vs Jaeger ❤

PS. Things to watch this January: her, and Don Jon.


I did watch a bit of theatre this year. Favorite things I watched this year: the Addams Family, and Sa Wakas.  I also enjoyed Maxie (although napagod ako watching it–up, down, up, down.. nakakapagod pero maganda), the Wonder Twins of Boac, Der Kauffman, and Sandosenang Sapatos.


This year, I managed to win a couple of contests in speaking/doing speeches but I sadly got disqualified at the big one. Bummer, but I learned a lot of things doing the contest run. Enihoodles, will someday join that again. The road to getting to Nationals was fun, insert mala- Glee montage.

I also took over VP-Education duties for my club, and I think we’re doing well. We just have to totally finish everything so I can sleep easily that the education goals of my club are done na. If you want to join toastmaters, checkout Butter n Toast toastmasters club. 🙂


greencross1I hosted the program for Vibal in this year’s MIBF, also did various storytelling gigs from SM Sta. Rosa, British School Manila, etc.

Also landed a really nice paid gig for Green Cross, which consumed about 3 months of my life. Hosted a few things here and there. Racket-wise, 2013 was a really good year for me! yay!And I guess, I want to do more of those things. I enjoyed them.


Now, here’s the problem. So much less surfing this year—-saaaaad bunneh faaaace! Although, I did take the occasional Baler, LU and Daet trip. I think I only went to the homebreak once this year. My longboard still needs repair. Argh.

Ateam girls in Kuta Beach. They were enjoying Bintangs. I had Teh Botol. 🙂 Photo from Gillian.

At least  I did take a long trip this year with the my Ateam girls in Bali. Surfed Canggu and Kuta beach. Went around and ate a lot of stuff, partied, tres fun! I have one or two waves that I really remember from that trip. 🙂  Oh, and we stayed in Echoland  Bed and Breakfast in Canggu. Awesome place! Well recommended.

I want 2014 to bring me to more surftrips and wishing someone would bring me to surf 😉

PS. I also did a quick trip to Cebu for the TM Discon, where I competed. And where I got to eat a lot, and see ll!  Also went to Butuan, Camiguin and CDO for the TM Midcon. Went White Water Rafting, it was fun. Didn’t fall off the raft, even when the boatman clearly wanted me to fall off. 😛 Nothing beats surfing. 🙂

Surfing Canggu


Submitted a few things here and there. Joined wattpad. Wrote a story about death getting a new job. Wrote quite a bit in this blog and the tumblr. Ack, I need to blog more. What I really want to do is to write more stories, and i hope that I get better at it. Would welcome some help universe, please?


Favorite book this year : I’m still iffy about it. Thinking of  the Silver Linings Playbook, or Wonder by RJ Palacio, or Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland. I’ll know/decide when FFP does the Best and Worst party this year.

I really enjoyed reading the Mortal Instruments series, the whole Demonica series by Larrissa Ione, and Labyrinths by Borges. Actually, I really liked that last one– nosebleed pero ganda ng writing and his philosophies on life and writing, etc.

Flips Flipping Pages discussed the Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut at the Sci-Fi Cafe.

I also moderated the Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut last September. I will admit that I find joy in preparing to moderate a discussion. Will be moderating Pinoy Romance with Blooey this November! I am very excited with that, as well.


I am thankful for 2 big parties this year.

DW50PH Party (Photo by Danica Cervantes)

My friends and I organized the DW50PH (the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary End of the World Party) last November 23. A daunting task that I’m glad everyone that went to enjoyed (at least that’s what we heard). They made me do crafts. Yeah, only the love of Dr. Who will make me do crafts. Never again. haha! We also raised money for Yolanda survivors with the help of donors with an auction of Dr. Who stuff.  We donated everything to Red Cross. 🙂


Look at the cylon bunneh! TY to everyone!

Also thankful for the surprise birthday party thrown for me by Shani and my friends during this year’s birthday. I loved the surprise of it all, and the cylon bunny! They made me cry. I am thankful for the people in my life, really thankful.


All in all, 2013 was a very eventful year. It’s the year that I caved in and started bringing a notebook with me everywhere. And the year where certain things changed (I hope for the better), and I gained a bit of weight, which I blame mostly on me not being able to surf.

Quiz night in Capricciossa also ended this year, which was a bit sad for me, as I’ve gotten used to going to Makati for quiznight every Wednesday, but things change, we move on. I’m fine with the occasional Amici quiz, haha!  

2014 scares me as much as it excites me, which, I think, is a good thing. 🙂


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