Inconvenient Truths

So I was reading my facebook newsfeed and someone shared this article about inconvenient truths. Most of the time, when I have time, I click on these kinds of things. One, because I work on the premise that the universe sends me things I need to see. And two, because who knows, I might learn something, right?

Enihoodles, if you want to read the article, click here.

I really liked this article, mainly because of  #7.

#7 Effort trumps “luck” every time.

—When I was younger, I used to look at rich people and say “ang swerte nila!” (“how lucky they are!”).  Now that I’m older, I know that being rich has nothing to do with being “lucky”. It’s all about “being brave” and “being persevering”.

Two things that I’m still working on, and that’s the inconvenient truth. 

But yeah, it’s Lent. All about inconvenient truths, right?

On a somewhat related way, here’s some Chvrches with Tether. I felt like posting this today instead of Tumblr.  🙂



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