Managing Stress

There are days weeks that it seems that I’m swimming in a sea of stress. And I don’t know if it’s a sign of maturity that these days, I seldom freak out, but I go on a —“let’s fix this mode”. I become very quiet and concentrated, and focused. Before, it was like a lottery what kind of reaction I would have to stressful situations. It could be shouting. It could be a tantrum. It could be me walking out. It could be me crying.

Stressed. hair’s a mess. still smiling!

Maybe since the stressful weeks have been coming a-plenty these days, maybe my body and my mind have learned or figured out its own coping mechanism. I know that I’m a worrier, and I’m not shy in reading self-help books because I acknowledge that I may need help, and I have read books about worrying and stress, I distinctly remember–How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie and Grow Rich with Peace of Mind by Napoleon Hill. What can I say? I like them classic.

I know that we have the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Charlson in my house, but I’ve read to read it. (Note to self: I really should)

There’s also a treasure trove of articles about dealing with worry and stress online. Here’s an article that I found really helpful about healthy ways to deal with worrying.

The most helpful thing I’ve read and applied is this.

I ask myself : “what’s the worst result of whatever it is that I’m worrying about?” 
I think about it, and I feel all the stress and feel all the awful feelings.
 Then I ask myself : “Am I still alive in that situation?”  
And if the answer is yes, I immediately feel that it’s not so bad anymore, and I can deal with it.

Other things are the usual. They will tell you to work it off (exercise), meditate, or do things that relax you.  Those really work, too!

Today, a crisis happened that I had to find a way to fix or else it would mean potentially losing a 5 figure deal. I fixed it. I did everything that’s mentioned above.

Oh wait, and another thing that I do? After I finish fixing a stressful thing, I dance. It makes me feel good, and it releases all the pent-up energy.

And usually, I dance to this:

How about you? What are your coping mechanisms for stress?


2 thoughts on “Managing Stress

  1. Ako naman I get stressed when there is no stress. Hehehehehe. A bit oxymoronic, right? But seriously, who doesn’t have stress these days? Introduce them to me and I’d gladly shake their hand.

    As for me, the few times I do get stressed, I do some form of meditation or quiet time. It’s amazing how spending a few minutes in solitude brings about clarity and focus.

    • Gets na gets! I’ve never had a “vacation” na Hindi ako nagtrabaho in some way. It freaks me out, haha!

      I really have to learn to meditate. I have tried by downloading the headspace app. Okay naman, or yung brain wave app.

      Quiet time, kahit a few seconds malaking bagay ang nagagawa. 🙂

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