Somebody That I Used to Know

Here’s a random thought.

When you hear this Gotye song, do you feel like you’re 1)the guy singing; 2) the girl (current flame) singing; or 3)the one this song is about?

This song was such a hit before because a lot of the things resonated with people. Let’s face it, everyone has bits of bitterness in them.

Number one because obviously, he’s all “why’d you have to stoop so low?… I don’t even need your love.” and all that. Number two because she’s like all “i don’t want to live that way..that I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that I used to know.” If that isn’t being bitter, I dunno what is. And number 3 because yeah, “why’d you have to ask your friends to get your records and a change of number?” — it will take a lot for me to have to change my number for anyone.

It can be a bitter world, but my solution to bitterness has always been a hair flip. 🙂

So why this song?
I recently met someone that I “used to know(like)” and yeah, i’m sure I was #1 and #3 in that equation at different points in time. haha!

The day after that meeting (yesterday), I heard THIS song twice while driving and going somewhere. Coincidence? Could be. It could also be the universe trying to tell me something (and yes, i am one of those persons that think that things happen for a reason. It works for me ;))
What was the universe trying to tell me? I think the universe was telling me that I’m in a good place. (Suddenly, i remembered that Northern Downpour – Panic at the Disco moment) Well, I noticed I smiled in certain bits of the song— guess where?

“I was glad it was over” and “Now, you’re just somebody that I used to know.”

And you know what? We both look great and very happy.
Sucky things might happen, but yeah, they happen for a reason.

Like the girl that could relate to this song would never have imagined me today. It’s all good. 🙂

Peace, love and more music!

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