so yeah. 🙂

I’ve been wondering who sang this for the longest time. I’m like, is this — Katy Perry? Then it turned out to be Demi Lovato. What is up with my hearing? I used to be super good at deciphering voices! It’s either that or everyone is starting to sound the same, which is sad.

So far, I’ve been listening galore to the 1989 album by Tay Swift and mourning the fact that I may not be able to hear Chvrches when they come to the Philippines. I want to, but sometimes, I just feel too old for a lot of things, which isn’t good. Maybe I need more vitamin b? haha!

Hmm… the end of the year is coming up and I have a lot of unfinished drafts in this blog. There is comfort in knowing that  something is unfinished. It’s the mixture of the comfort zone meets inherent laziness. But it’s always great to end things with finality, so you can move on with your life and discover all the happy things in store! 🙂 yay! So I gotta either delete those things or post them, I guess?

Enihoodles, this post is fueled by a dream about me surfing down my street. There were waves in my street. They were waist high. I miss surfing. So I better get back to it, or leave it. The second one is not an option, but I had to be honest with myself and put it out here. It’s when you verbalize a choice that you realize if you really want it in your life. It’s one thing to think about it. It’s another to say it out loud, or in this case, write.

With that, I leave you with another music snippet of my life 🙂


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