2014 List

A quick roundup of the really really fun 2014! 🙂 



I didn’t watch a lot of things this year. I did watch Wanderland, caught Bombay Bicycle Club aaaand PHOENIX! The last two, I covered for abscbnnews.com and I got to ask questions to both vocalists. Hehe! Thank you, Vlad! 🙂
Sad bunny faces because I didn’t get to watch Chvrches and Kimbra. Chvrches because I had to be somewhere else, and Kimbra because I didn’t know. #lutang

Eniwei, my favorite new artist is Vance Joy. 🙂 I can’t gush enough about his album, Dream Your Life Away. It’s a rainy first day of the year and it’s perfect to listen to. THIS, and Riptide o!

Also going to watch Bastille this January 5, covering it for ze writing hobby and they’ve grown on me. 🙂

Confession is that I have not listened in full to the new Foo album, the Cult’s Static, and even the Kooks’ new one. Although I really, really like the Kooks’ new song, Sweet Emotion. 🙂 I have not listened to a lot of albums, although I do have a really rad playlist of songs and I still haven’t joined Spotify. I am holding out. haha!

Another confession? Totally loved the 1989 Tay Swift Album. As in. 🙂  (maybe another reason why I’m not on Spotify, haha!)

Goodness. Writing this post makes me wonder what have I been listening to besides Taylor Swift? haha! Waitap! I’ve also listened galore to the not as hyped up sophomore album of Foster the People, Supermodel. Also, I listened to Wild Nothing’s Nocturne, which is a fun album to listen to, reminds me of the happy vibes of Best Coast with a less obvious Cali vibe. Dream pop, really nice! 🙂

Favorite song is Tay Swift’s Shake It Off which I totally could relate to at the 2nd line palang, I have nothing on my brain e. 😉



Food has been awesome for me this year. I discovered the fast diet and I lost more than 10lbs this year. SLOWLY mind you, very slowly and I got to eat everything I wanted! (I gained some lbs this Holiday season though, haha!)

Best meals that I remember mostly involved covering things for Vlad, the Dinner at Tiffany’s Degustacion by Pepita’s Kitchen (Ultimate Truffle Lechon, that Chicken Lechon aaaand Binatog Panna Cotta, dinner at Vask (Wagyu Carpaccio!), Magosaburo (hello- Wagyu!), that Gallete des Rois lunch at Cicou (every course better than the last), the Il Ponticello lunch (for the truffle pasta)  and that last meal in Mandarin with Chef Babaran and Chef Norbert Gandler. I did training in Mandarin’s pastry kitchen and while I never worked under them, eating there and knowing that the hotel was closing down was truly memorable.

I also went on a food trip in Dumaguete (foodie friends + Sans Rival will never be the same), a very short Subic and Pampanga/Angeles foodtrip, Malaysian Food trip (with boyfie and Kitti — Durian Cake!), Singapore (crab&cocktails with the expat friends and that long agonizing walk during our last night with Vlad and boyfie, haha!), Chinese New Year foodtrip (ang daming taoooo!), and that sponsored Megamall Foodtrip (Ippudo, Tim Ho Wan, etc, etc).

One great thing about food this year was that I spent most of my memorable food memories with the boyfie, one of the most memorable dinners of course was the Valentine’s Dinner in My Kitchen by Chef Chris in Oasis Hotel. hehe! 🙂


Textures of Valrhona

Favorite dish eaten this year: it’s a three-way tie between (since it’s so recent) Prawn Ravioli from Brasserie Cicou, that Ultimate Lechon from Pepita’s (truffle rice + foie gras = kryptonite) and Locavore’s Sizzling Sinigang (eaten with rice = hamayzing!). Dessert would be a four way-tie — Dark Chocolate Pannacotta with Salted Caramel from Il Ponticello (I can eat 2 servings of this), Faux Twix from the Girl+the Bull ( I can eat 3 of this), Wolf and the Fox’ Eton’s Mess (Strawberries and Cream!), and Textures of Valrhona by Chef Babaran for Mandarin (shet.masarap!).

I still can’t commit to be a food blogger, so if you want to see the stuff that I like that I’m eating, head on over to  Instagram.



Is it just me, or have we not watched a lot of movies this year? Well, besides the obvious — Guardians of the Galaxy, X-men, Captain America, Mockingjay, Battle of the Five Armies. Hmm.. Okay, movies!

I really liked Chef, Interstellar, The Lego Movie, The Edge of Tomorrow,Gone Girl, the Grand Budapest Hotel, Big Hero 6, and Begin Again. I have a bunch of movies that I just got including Boyhood, the new 300 movie. I want to watch the Exodus movie, the Cobbler, the Imitation Game, and the Laggies!

TV involves me just having time to try and catch up with Dr. Who. Watching Marry Me (which the boyfie insisted I watch, mwahahaha!), How to Get Away with Murder, and I actually followed the latest Masterchef season. haha! I have yet to be abreast with the happenings of Korra although I know that she’s a lesbian, thank you to friends and their spoilers. imberna kayo!

Theater-wise, the productions I liked — Wait Until Dark, Rak of Aegis, Noises Off (which was fun), August Osage County (liked it more than the movie), Grease (goo howie!), Sandosenang Sapatos, and Prinsipe Munti. I also really liked the plays that we caught during the most recent Virgin Labfest. 🙂



1899947_10153404874175200_383764816667929751_nPretty busy. Signed up to be Area Governor this year and most of my year has been spent totally trying to help the clubs under me. At times very hard, but really very rewarding. 🙂

I also got renewed as the host for the Green Cross Dengue Defenders school tour this year. 🙂 yay! The costumes keep on getting more elaborate. hehe! Fun though! 🙂

Racket-wise a really good year again. 🙂



Majorly failed in this department. I surfed in LU, Baler and in Zambales a handful of times. I really did have a wonderful session in Magic Left last August that I carry in my heart to get me through. Haha! Here’s to more surftrips! My plan is to introduce the boyfie to the wonderful world of surfing! He has introduced me and my chin (I recently fell off the bike and  my chin kissed the pavement a few days ago) to cycling, I have a mountain bike and all…and I think it’s fair. 🙂

I’m selling off my longboard skateboard. The truth is, I can’t stay up that late anymore to skate at night. Yes, I am old.



Favorite book for the year is Alice Walker’s the Color Purple. Closely followed by the Dragonlance books. 🙂 Least favorite book but for some reason I am compelled to read it is — Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

What really sucked this year reading-wise was the fact that I have not read comic books much this year, mostly because I gave my ipad to my brother at the start of the year and I can’t stand reading comics on the laptop. I ended up reading mostly local stuff (which is great!) and I loved them all — Martial Law Babies, the new Trese, and Demon Dungeon. I have yet to start Mythology Class and Mythspace.

Moderated the Pinoy Romance Book/Once A Princess at the Readercon for Flips Flipping Pages with Blooey. Romance is my favorite genre and while I do not read a lot of Pinoy Romance, I really liked how that discussion went and flowed. I’ll be discussing Crazy Rich Asians this coming 2015 in July with Jeeves! 🙂



10494633_10152660512175049_6561711690614133198_nUsong-uso ang mga surprise birthday parties, I got a surprise birthday party again this year (Thank you, boyfie and everyone that attended!) and I also helped organize surprise parties for friends.

My favorite party that I planned was Jeeves’ Mystery Surprise Party. 🙂 3 surprises, different times, different ways and with different people.

I love that man, he makes me feel that I can do anything that I set my mind to, and for that pa lang, he deserves every happiness that I can give him in this the world.:) (I also give him a lot of grief from time to time, haha!)


2014 had its moments when it truly sucked, but then so many days, minutes, seconds of 2014 were so magical, beautiful and surreal that I have no complaints. You take the good and the bad, and you make a life. Choices make a life, and liking all the choices that one has made this year, even the unpopular and “wrong” ones, is a very good feeling to have. 🙂  Life is great. 🙂

My wish is that for all of the sucky things of 2014 change for the better, and the happy things of 2014 remain and prosper for all of us! Cheers!


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