I just had an “aha moment” a few minutes ago. I watched this:

It’s a TEDxTalk by Emelie Wapnick talking about Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling, and I’ve realized that OMG, this is what I needed! And yes, this is what I am.

True story. A few days ago, I actually asked the universe (yes, I am one of those types, and #sorrynotsorry) that I hope my true passion in life shows up already. This line of very anxious thinking came about because I had to give answers in two separate instances to the question: “What are you the best at/good at?”

The first was in a TM meeting, and I remember saying something like “I’m good at a lot of things, but I’m not the best at them,” and when asked to write what I was best at in a nameplate in a talk that I attended, I wrote — “Softcore Geek”.  (Softcore geek means that I like watching them, I appreciate them, know some of the characters, thingies, backstories, a lot of things– BUT I do not claim to be an expert on them. Softcore geekery, i’d like to think, is fandom without the usual superiority complex.)

You see, if you read the “About Me” portion of this blog, you’ll see that I have a lot of slashes. And all these years, I have been both proud and a bit uneasy with it. I know that my mom has been uneasy with it. She wants me to (and I’ve felt that I should) concentrate on something and stick with it, be the best at it, and then I’ll be successful.

This whole “slasher” / “multipotentialite” thing has made me realize that I don’t need to be the best at something. I am not a specialist. I can actually create something from all the stuff that I am good at. It’s great food for thought.

And reading more from the site: http://www.puttylike.com — i’ve realized that the way that I’ve been living my life is through the Einstein Approach. I run a resort for money, and I pursue everything else that I like that may (or may not) have the potential to make me money or be my passion in life.

How awesomely fitting is it that today, I came from a meeting that had the theme: “the journey begins when the road ends”. Totally defines this “aha moment”. And thank you, universe for a bit of peace of mind. 🙂
PS. And it’s nice to have superpowers. 🙂


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