2015 list

I always start my year with the list of some things that happened to me last year. I usually segregate it to various categories, and this year, with all the things that have been happening- I almost failed to do this, which would be totally sad. Cause this will be fun to read in a few years, fo shoooo! 🙂


What did I listen to? POP. All i remember about last year was Taylor Swift, a bit of the Biebs, and even Selena Gomez. Okay, and the Weeknd. and Haim. And if I look at the albums I’ve added into my itunes– there’s only one album — If You Leave by Daughter. Favorite song? It’s a toss up between Wildest Dreams AND Youth by Daughter. I also liked Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King. I still don’t have Spotify, and perhaps that is the reason that I do not have much music now, but what the eff. I don’t care. Waitap, I also loved everything that Kanye released this year. Only one is <3. While I do have friends still sending me random songs from overseas, I really need to just get spotify or that itunes music streaming thing, which one has tay swift again?

Concerts/ Theatre

Watched a few concerts. Alt-j came to the Philippines and permanently parked in the awesome night section of my brain. Got to attend Wanderland last year with Jeeves, his brother Joseph, and Haze, which was pretty rad — got to hear “Pursuit of Happyness” LIVE, and its up there with the experience of listening to Panic at the Disco sing Northern Downpour LIVE for me. Pursuit of Happyness is one of the songs that got me through tough times. That moment that I heard that live, it just felt that I was in the right place at the right time, with the right people. 🙂 Good feeling!

Another thing that blew my mind— watched Boyzone! Flashback to what I asked my Christmas santa for Christmas 1998— A Different Beat. 1998 me would never have thought that I would get to watch them X number of years later for FREE without Stephen. Actually future me would never imagine me writing features about music, seriously. I got to see Ronan. haha! Hay, enihoodles. Yes!

Bastille came at the early part of the year, and while not a super fan, i knew enough to get by. And I missed going to a lot of concerts this year — mainly because I was either saving up to go out of the country/town/or I’ve seen them before. Regrets? Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. And my gulay! Why didn’t Taylor Swift come to the Philippines?!? why?!? I was saving up. Yes, I was.

Theatre-wise, we didn’t see a lot. I will mention that I enjoyed the Singing in the Rain treat by Tita Baby in Solaire, and that I was really mortified that we invited Tita B and Tito F to that Circus  thing that featured a lot of nudity and stuff, but I will admit that I enjoyed the show. Took my family to watch — Kung Paano Ako Naging si Leading Lady, and my mom totally laughed out loud sa “We have a Maid” — we own a recruitment agency, what do you expect? haha! I also remember crying oodles at 2 plays in the Virgin Labfest — Maria Isabela at ang Guryon ng Mga Tala (watched it two times, and I liked the one I saw in Virgin Labfest, yes, the one with the sit-in, actress showed better depth, while not fully knowing all her lines), and Hintayan ng Langit (i’m a sucker for romance).

I regret not watching a lot of things this year — Arbol de Fuego, and Bridges of Madison County, to name some. Here’s to hopefully watching more this coming year, as my baby theatre going self misses writing my “reviews” of the plays/musicals/whatnot.

Did I watch a lot of movies this year? Yes, I did! Not as much as last year. I watched the usual things that a girl like me would watch on screen. IMAX : Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World. 3d: The Martian, Inside Out, Ant Man,  Mad Max: Fury Road, Furious 7, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Tommorowland. Regular/DVD: San Andreas (Yes, i know), Insurgent (kill me now), Jupiter Ascending, Terminator Genisys, Cinderella

I missed quite a few — I still haven’t watched Mockingjay AND Spectre, blame some heartache for that, and I know that I have a lot more things that I want to watch — the Revenant, Ex Machina, Creed, Straight Outta Compton, the Bridge of Spies, Joy, and the new Peanuts Movie. There’s also a whole folder of food related films that I have yet to click on. I did watch Honor Thy Father and General Luna, which were both great films. 🙂 Yay, Pinoy! I also watched and cried to A Second Chance, which I kinda credit taking me out of the clouds and back into the arms of the one I love, haha! yes. ganon.

TV— I only paid attention to those I already follow — Agents of SHIELD, Flash, the Arrow and Dr. Who. I watched Agent Carter, Daredevil, and Gotham. I have yet to watch Jessica Jones, and I have this crazy feeling that I am not updated with Dr. Who. I haven’t watched the Sherlock special yet, actually. Yes. And I just watched the Dr. Who Christmas Episode, waitap, i need to cry. 24 years.


OMG. I had so many good meals this year. Where do I start?  We went to Bangkok this year and I ate at the michelin-starred Nahm with Jeeves and Vlad, also did a Bangrak food tour. Had really wonderful food at Cambodia’s Sugar Palm — definitive fish amok, and the FCC’s Beef Loklak, and had a marvelous dinner date at Viroth. Foodie eating was better this year, really with Jeeves. And even if I did gain a lot of weight at the latter part of the year, okay lang– masarap naman lahat ng kinain ko haha!

some quick food memories — that peanut butter chocolate thing from Roux, beef hearts from Cucina Peruvia, brunches! — sea bass Nobu Brunch with the champagne cocktails, Vask for the bacalao, and the M Cafe Brunch with all the cheeses, Genki Sushi for fun times, getting drunk a lot when it’s daytime — bono and hendricks event, that launch for Jonas’ TV show, haha! (Drunk me is fun me, haha! Thank you to the boyfie for taking care of me, always!), Salted Caramel Opera Cake by Pastry Armoire/Pink Wasabi, Beignets by Kapeng Mainit, and that really fun Plaza Catering dinner — that corned beef, that ham, that tanigue, that lengua, that everything! yum! I also remember super loving the Mad for Wagyu Buffet in Shangri-la Edsa, I wish I didn’t drink before going there and that I didn’t have such a sumptuous lunch before. #regrets, hay.


I went to a lot of places last year! It seemed like every month I was off to travel somewhere. It was a great feeling. I was pretty fortunate that some of them were to feature/write about them. Still learning how to do travel writing, and it’s hard ha?!? So the trips that I/we funded ourselves — Bangkok, Cambodia, Puerto Prinsesa (Palawan),  and Hongkong.

Trips courtesy of the raket and life —Naga, Bohol to beautiful Bellevue Resort, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan, staycations in F1 hotel, Waterfront Manila Pavilion, and Marco Polo, and Azumi Hotel. Jeeves went to other places as well (daang norte, legaspi, tacloban, and a lot more places that I didn’t go to because we had a fight…hehe), he had a fun time in 2015, to prepare him to the busyness of 2016, i’m sure.


I think the number of times I surfed this year can be counted with both my hands. Hay, zambales, la union and Baler. I didn’t even go to my homebreak this year, ano beh? Hay. There are plans to Siargao this year. Good luck to me.

I still have my road bike, and it needs to be used, since the accident, i haven’t used a bike. Kinda scared to tell yah the truth.


Not much hosting gigs this year, but a lot of Storytelling gigs. I joined the roster of Adarna Storytellers and it’s gotten me as far as Calauan, Laguna. Also had the chance to do storytelling at the Adarna booth at the MIBF, which is always a good thing for me. Did the SM bit for my birthday for national children’s reading day.  Helped the Pinoy Storytellers tell a story in IS. Finally took a seminar on how to design training modules and I learned a lot. I plan to learn a lot on this topic, hopefully this year. 🙂

Also started a business with my siblings, and I’m hoping that’ll turn up good. 🙂


“I didn’t read a lot of books this year” IS an understatement. I did moderate Crazy Rich Asians last July, and I did read almost all the books in the FFP list, BUT I didn’t get to attend all of the activities — even the Christmas Party.  I helped judge the Cookbook category in the Filipino Readercon. Also did storytelling/moderated FFP’s Naku Nakuu Nakuuu discussion in Ateneo.

I loved reading Go Set A Watchman, and re-reading To Kill A Mockinbird, and again, I didn’t get to attend the discussions for those. Hay. Actually, looking at my kobo– I did read a lot of books — I finished re-reading almost all the Dark Brotherhood series, all the Guild Hunter Books, and all the Lords of Deliverance books. So, when I’m stressed I go read Paranormal Romance. Yes, I do.


Dear Joko writing about 2016,

2015 was very tough. Business-wise, you had to fix a lot of things, and despite these I still think we had a great year! Travelling, eating, and miracles of miracles– still with the love of your life! 2015 was major growth for you in a lot of ways — in the direction that you want to go with your life, the love that you have, and the people that you surround yourself with.

2015 was really tough, and it’ll take the whole of 2016 to get back to where you want to be. Here’s to doing it in 6 months. Kaya natin ‘to.

Here’s to us!

joko 2015



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