About me

My name is Joko and I’m a Filipina.

I surf. I should be a lot better at it than I am now. I read a lot of books. I’m a baby theatre-goer. I studied culinary arts and I have a dessert/confectionery business in hiatus, and a small catering company. I love food! I’m into being healthy and fit, but I will love sugar, fat, butter and bacon forever! I should travel more. I think BUNNIES are very cute. People pay me to read children stories (sometimes to adults). I like watching movies that have big explosions, guns, vampires, and superheroes, but I do watch other things. I watch horror films but only if I have a friend with me, my dog, or a pillow/scarf to hide behind. I’m scared of blood, and I’m a tad claustrophobic. In twitter, I’m listed in about 5 lists with the word ‘entrepreneur’ in them. I enjoy really weird and nonsensical things. Music is  my boyfriend.  I love Music.

The aim is to live as awesome as I possibly can.




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